New Offering Can Help Businesses Quickly Recover from Ransomware Attacks, Speed Data Recovery, and Advance Business Continuity

Matt Waxman, Vice President, Product Management, Cohesity

Just months after announcing the availability of its backup as a service offering(BaaS), Cohesity, a leader in next-gen data management, today announced the general availability of its next ‘as a service’ offering – disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). This new offering extends the exceptional disaster recovery (DR) capabilities provided by Cohesity SiteContinuity and adds the ability to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a recovery location for failover and failback in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This not only provides customers with more choice and flexibility, but also offers the following benefits:

  • Minimise downtime and data loss: This greatly reduces the risks of potential downtime and data loss with snapshot-based backup and near-sync replication that together help ensure all data is captured and ready to failover in the event of disaster or cyberattack.
  • Meet service level agreements (SLAs): Customers can easily design recovery plans and assign SLAs – and design it in minutes rather than weeks – to deliver the right level of resiliency across a broad range of applications while meeting business requirements.
  • Simplify operations: Cohesity uniquely combines disaster recovery orchestration, snapshot-based backup, near-sync replication, and seamless failover to the public cloud in a single comprehensive offering – all managed through a single user interface to significantly simplify disaster recovery operations.
  • Lower costs and improve time-to-value: Reduce idle infrastructure by using on-demand pay-as-you-go cloud infrastructure from AWS in the event of a disaster or test drill. Cohesity uniquely supports standard AWS infrastructure, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), in a DRaaS model. Customers also can speed up time to value by quickly spinning up a disaster recovery strategy without having to procure additional hardware or physical data centers.

“There has never been a more critical time to offer disaster recovery as a service,” said Matt Waxman, vice president of product management, Cohesity. “In an age of crippling ransomware attacks, the number one concern many IT leaders have is maintaining business continuity if they get hit. DRaaS can help organisations recover quickly and cost effectively. And, as with other Cohesity SaaS and on-premises offerings, customers can manage everything through the Cohesity Helios multicloud platform. It’s simplicity redefined.”

“The Cohesity DRaaS offering provides multiple benefits that are incredibly appealing to our organisation,” said Francois Lepage, cybersecurity and architecture manager, The Master Group. “Application uptime and the ability to recover in the cloud top the list. But, we also like the pay-as-you-go cloud infrastructure model from AWS, which can help reduce costs. And, we like the simplicity of it all. We can manage this offering along with our on-premises Cohesity deployment through one platform on one UI. That’s the Cohesity difference.”

Chris McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer of Melbourne headquartered Cirrus Networks added, “Cohesity continues to help partners address customers’ pressing data challenges, and support our status as a trusted advisor on data management. Today’s announcement of Cohesity’s disaster recovery as a service offering provides a crucial data recovery and business continuity capability for our joint customers, which is vital given the increasing sophistication, aggression, and frequency of ransomware attacks. It’s also exciting for Cirrus and our customers to see Cohesity preview their next as a service offering, DataGovern, and introduce Project Fort Knox. These two new cyber threat focused offerings, which are key additions to Cohesity’s Threat Defense architecture and DMaaS portfolio, demonstrate how Cohesity’s next-gen data management platform is helping customers to protect, detect and recover from ransomware.”

Expanding Data Management as a Service

Cohesity DRaaS is the next offering from Cohesity’s comprehensive Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) portfolio. DMaaS is a portfolio of ‘as a service’ offerings designed to provide organisations with a radically simple way to back up, secure, govern, and analyse their data – all managed directly by Cohesity. This reduces the separate services, solutions, and administrative consoles that organisations have traditionally had to invest in and maintain for data backup, disaster recovery, and other data management use cases.

“Solutions that offer flexibility, resiliency, and scalability are integral to organisations working to address ever-evolving challenges, including cyberattacks,” said Doug Yeum, head of AWS Partner Organization, AWS. “With the introduction of disaster recovery as a service, Cohesity is providing these critical capabilities to customers to help reduce the risk of downtime while also reducing costs, all supported with the industry-leading cloud services from AWS.”

“With the increased frequency and cost of cyberattacks, a robust set of disaster recovery processes combined with proven technology have never been more essential,” said Christophe Bertrand, senior analyst, ESG. “Organisations should look for ease of use, automation, and the ability to truly control their data recovery and application availability service- level agreements. That is why Cohesity’s web-scale converged backup and disaster recovery solution is not only timely, but also offers an essential set of capabilities to take on the disaster recovery challenges businesses are facing today.”

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