How hacktivists are flying under the radar

Radware has carried out an in-depth survey of hacktivists and issued the following information, which shines a light on their dark activities:

#  While some well-established threat actors are carrying out major ransomware attacks that capture news headlines, other cyber actors warrant companies’ close attention.

#  These attackers may be less sophisticated and more grass roots, but they are no less determined and motivated to cause widespread disruption. And unlike their bigger ransomware counterparts, they are not seeking financial gain.

#  One new example: #OpsBedil is a hacktivist operation currently targeting verticals like financial, transportation and education, as well as government agencies in the Middle East. They have built a new forum which is growing quickly.

#  The threat actors behind DragonForce Malaysia created the domain on June 11th, 2021.  Although less than 30 days old, the forum claims to have over 10,000 members and 3,000 discussion threads.

#  Anyone can join the forum learn about what targets they have hit and what damage they have done. And anyone wants to join in, they can. The forum also reports on what targets they want to hit and what tools they can use. There are no rules about conducting malicious activity.

#  In some cases, all you need is a mobile device. While the organisers seem to lack the skill and ability to conduct sophisticated and large-scale DDoS attacks, the DoS tools they suggest still have their place in the DoS threat landscape. While well-known and rudimentary, these tools still are very effective when leveraged against unprotected assets.

#  Their attacks ranged from simple defacement campaigns, DDoS attacks to data leaks and were documented in detail on DFM’s forum and Telegram channel.