Tecala and eSentire Partner to Protect Enterprises across APAC from Business-Disrupting Cyber Attacks

Tecala, Australia’s top technology services and consulting organisation will make eSentire’s market-leading Managed Detection and Response services available across Australia and New Zealand

Tecala, Australia’s award-winning technology services and IT consulting provider, today announced it has chosen eSentire, the global authority in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) cybersecurity services, as its exclusive MDR solution provider in Australia and New Zealand. This partnership will enable Tecala to augment its cybersecurity practice and offer enterprises a powerful, all-in-one cybersecurity service that detects, disrupts and remediates known and unknown cyber threats. Working with Tecala, eSentire will extend its global footprint beyond North America and EMEA, and into the Asia Pacific region.

Recognising that their preventative technologies are only offering partial security in today’s evolving threat landscape, organisations globally are turning to Managed Detection and Response services. In order to prioritise business transformations, secure hybrid remote workforces and accelerate their transitions to cloud environments, enterprises need the confidence that their data and critical assets are secure 24/7 with eyes on glass, threat hunting and delivering expert-level incident response capabilities to detect and respond to threats before they become business-impacting events.

With over 1000 customers in 70 countries around the world, eSentire is recognised as the industry’s leading Managed Detection and Response service provider. Tecala will be offering eSentire’s end-to-end MDR service as a comprehensive solution to customers across Australia and New Zealand.

The service includes 24/7 Security Operations Centre support from live cybersecurity analysts and elite threat hunters, supported via automated disruptions with proactive security network effects delivered by eSentire Atlas, the industry’s most powerful Extended Detection and Response (XDR) cloud platform.  Australian and New Zealand enterprises will also benefit from security operations leadership to drive analysis, investigation and complete response to security events.

In addition to introducing this advanced Managed Detection and Response offering to market, Tecala offers Managed Security Services for security operations, compliance, remediation, risk and identity management, along with data protection capabilities focused on rapid recovery from cryptography-based threat vectors, via its backup-as-a-service offering.

“eSentire exemplifies the type of partner we are seeking as we focus on delivering our portfolio of cybersecurity services,” said Pieter DeGunst, Managing Director, Tecala. “We want to help businesses reduce their manual processes and reinforce both security and business continuity.  eSentire’s ability to offer security solutions that scale and that handle large volumes of data, as well as produce enriched alerts and empowers us to respond to network anomalies, are all important to delivering the right outcomes for our customers.

Pieter DeGunst, Managing Director, Tecala

“We’re already working on several joint engagements together and have been extremely impressed by the calibre of eSentire’s people. Team eSentire has the expertise to deliver response, remediation and results for our customers. We are thrilled to partner with them to support enterprises across Australia and New Zealand with security, compliance and risk management services.”

Bob Layton, eSentire Chief Channel Officer, eSentire, added, “By embedding eSentire services and technology into their go-to-market strategy, Tecala will act as an extension of our security team, enabling us to expand our global footprint and provide our award-winning MDR solution to enterprises in Australia and New Zealand.  We remain relentless in our drive to bring innovation to the industry, allowing our partners to increase their competitive advantage through a proven, highly scalable MDR service that provides the highest security efficacy in the business. We look forward to serving as a trusted partner of Tecala and its customers.”

Bob Layton, eSentire Chief Channel Officer