Subcontracting Code of Practice came into effect on July 1st, 2021.

Is your company ready?

The Security Industry has introduced a new code of practice to greatly improve the way companies successfully engage subcontractors.

The Code is designed to improve how we can better secure our customers, avoid unwanted breaches of the Law and safeguard the rights and entitlements of workers.

Subcontracting is an acceptable and effective way of doing business but sometimes it can lead to problems when it isn’t done as well as it should.

The Code of Practice applies to all ASIAL Members who either subcontract security services or are themselves subcontracted by other security businesses to supply services to their clients.

Remember though, the Code is not the same as the Law and if there is a conflict between anything set out in the Code and any relevant laws, the law always comes first.  There is a full list of all applicable laws in all States and Territories.

But the Code makes things very clear by explaining the important differences between Prime Contractors and Subcontractors, their rights and responsibilities.

It sets out the difference between contractors and employees.  This distinction is vitally important in protecting the rights and entitlements of workers and helping employers avoid unintended breaches of the law.

And the Code addresses the risky practice of multi-level subcontracting.

You can download a copy of the Code and make use of the other resources at

There’s even a short video tutorial to start with.