Ping Identity Announces the Acquisition of SecuredTouch to Accelerate Identity Fraud Capabilities

Ping Identity Holding Corp. (NYSE: PING) (“Ping Identity”), the Intelligent Identity solution for the enterprise, today announced that it has acquired SecuredTouch, a leader in fraud and bot detection and mitigation. By leveraging behavioural biometrics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning, SecuredTouch provides identity, risk, and fraud teams unparalleled early visibility into potential malicious activity happening across digital properties. Through sophisticated bot detection and account takeover protection, companies can leverage SecuredTouch to provide a more secure and seamless experience for their customers.

As SecuredTouch is integrated with the broader PingOne Cloud Platform, enterprise customers will have access to advanced signals, data, and intelligence to gain a greater understanding of fraudster behaviour, and step up authentication when needed to stop malicious activity and reduce fraud loss. Customers will be able to deploy SecuredTouch as a standalone solution or as part of the broader Ping One Cloud Platform.

“Identity isn’t just about knowing who customers are, it’s about knowing when someone is pretending to be a customer. As companies undergo massive digital transformation initiatives, the need for seamless, frictionless, and secure identity solutions to confidently understand both those situations is imperative,” said Andre Durand, founder and CEO of Ping Identity. “The acquisition of SecuredTouch accelerates our vision for cloud delivered intelligent identity solutions that combat malicious behaviour such as bots, emulators, and account takeover.”

“This is a defining moment for our industry as identity security and fraud come together,” said Alasdair Rambaud, CEO of SecuredTouch. “Ping Identity’s enterprise proven and robust platform provides the perfect foundation for SecuredTouch’s advanced fraud detection capabilities.”

“Ping Identity is the perfect fit for our team, products, and technology,” added Ran Shulkind, co-founder and general manager of SecuredTouch. “We look forward to joining forces to accelerate our mission of bringing the most advanced fraud detection solutions to companies across the globe.”