Vix Vizion’s Imagus platform successfully virtualised on Dell EMC servers

Vix Vizion, developers of the Imagus facial biometrics and analytics platform, has announced a successful trial virtualising their application on the Dell EMC PowerEdge server platform with hardware acceleration. The solution used NVIDIA-T4 GPUs, with NVIDIA GRID Virtual GPU software on a VMWare Virtual Machine platform.

The Imagus platform, recently rated within the top 10% in the industry-standard NIST Report, is developed and owned in Australia, and is now one of the few data analytics and facial biometrics platforms capable of being virtualised.

“This is a big step for Vix Vizion, especially working with prestigious, industry leading organisations such as Dell Technologies, NVIDIA and VMWare. We have had great success in recent months with our solution dominating the hospitality and gaming markets, and this collaboration opens up scope for running sophisticated video analytics and facial biometrics solutions on virtual machines,” said Fraser Larcombe, Product and Channel Manager, Vix Vizion.

The test was run on a single virtual machine (VM) with a single full GPU (T4-16Q) with 16 GB memory.  Using VMs will ensure application provisioning, as well as providing higher availability. Deploying facial biometrics and analytics software on a virtual machine will also give users and service providers a path to relatively fast and easy maintenance and disaster recovery.

The trial involved testing pre-recorded video streams, increasing the load incrementally to include more data throughput, therefore testing performance of the Imagus software with virtual machines under different conditions.

“Our engineers found the Imagus software quick and intuitive to load up onto the server, and the setup proved reliable under different volumes of throughput. Our tests concluded that the Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd platform, combined with local direct attached storage, or remote network attached storage, proved to be a suitable platform for the Vix Vizion Imagus Computer Vision application. Utilisation of NVIDIA-T4 GPU accelerators and NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology was a flexible and capable combination that allowed the flexibility needed for multi-tenant deployment and worked without issue for live migration and HA failover of VMs while actively using the NVIDIA vGPUs,” said Daniel Corney, APJC Solution Architect, Dell EMC.

The tests provided a solid base for integrators to use Vix Vizion’s Imagus platform in a virtual environment, further highlighting the flexibility of the platform and opening up opportunities for engineers and integrators to deploy facial biometrics solutions under different architectures.

“We look at this as a major win for Vix Vizion, adding more scope to what our platform can achieve. The more options people have, the more ways they find to use technologies such as ours, and innovate to find better ways of conducting business and keeping people safe,” concluded Jim Christis, Chief Operating Officer at Vix Vixzion.

Brett Hansen, South Pacific Country Manager at Milestone Systems, adds: “Technology advancements coupled with the capabilities of modern cloud environments allow for more flexible use of video analytics. We are seeing the rise of more ‘On Demand’ style applications, where end users can see more scalable functionality of the Vix Vizion solution. This allows them to provide a wide array of outcomes such as demographic, persons-of-interest, face mask detection and contact tracing capabilities, both retrospectively and in real time.”

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