Anomali partners with Aussie security firm Cybermerc to beef up cyber defences

Anomali, the  international leader in intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions, has  announced a partnership with  Australian threat intelligence company Cybermerc.


Their merged solutions will strengthen Aushield Defend, Australia’s national threat investigation and sharing platform, which protects organisations against the  latest cyber threats.


“The entire APAC  region is  inundated with  cyber attacks. Businesses are  keenly aware of how  damaging threats like  Olympic Destroyer can  be  and know that  Advanced

Persistent Threats, backed by  hostile nations such as  North Korea, are  always looking for  ways to penetrate networks,”said Stree Naidu, Anomali’s Senior Vice President & General Manager for  Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ).


“I’m excited to be  aligning with  a company known and trusted for  defendingAustralian networks against the  most sophisticated cyber attacks.”


Canberra-based Cybermerc is  committed to lifting the  cyber capability of all  Australian organisations. The company’s mission is  to build a collective cyber defence by connecting Australian government, industry and academia.


Aushield Defend provides an  enhanced intelligence feed of analysed data from a wide range of sources, including Cybermerc’s own  sovereign security technologies. Defend provides organisations with  information on  the  latest attacks, key risks and the Indicators of Compromise (IoC)  needed to protect Australian networks.


The recipient of two  rounds of federal funding through the  AustCyberProject Fund, Aushield Defend brings government, business and industry together to share intelligence and protect against cyber threats.


Cybermerc’s Director of Aushield, AndrewSlater, says: “Australian organisations have been defending themselves in isolation.Cyber security is  not  a ‘me’ and ‘you’ problem – it is  an  ‘us’ problem and we can  be  far  more effective together…we can  be  secure together.”


“Aushield Defend evolves the  traditional cyber threat intelligence consumption model by generating intelligence of the  latest attacks and constantly updating security devices, creating a defensive cyber collaboration across the  country.”


Cybermerc leverages machine-learning andArtificial Intelligence to strengthen Aushield Defend and provide defence grade cybersecurity detection and protection toAustralian Small to Medium businesses and enterprise organisations at an  affordable price point.