Gigamon and New Relic join to solve the cloud visibility gap

Cloud visibility and analytics vendor Gigamon has announced the integration of New Relic, the leader in observability, with Gigamon Hawk, the industry’s first elastic visibility and analytics fabric for all data-in-motion across the hybrid cloud.


By providing a clear, complete and consistent view of what’s happening across hybrid infrastructure, Hawk is empowering IT professionals to close the cloud visibility gap.


Partnership enables customers to monitor cloud environments, understand traffic flow and combat security threats in real-time.


Infrastructure complexity has grown exponentially with the acceleration of digital transformation, resulting in a foundational gap in visibility across the underlying hybrid cloud environment. With unified visibility across the hybrid and multi-cloud landscape, leveraging a single, simple interface and automated orchestration, Gigamon Hawk closes this gap, radically simplifying cloud adoption.


“Integrating New Relic One, the cloud-based observability platform, with Gigamon Hawk empowers customers to harness the power of observability to simplify hybrid cloud deployment and maintain their security posture,” said Raj Ramanujam, VP Alliances and Channels at New Relic. “This unique combination is essential to reducing risks faced while      undergoing digital transformation.”


Gigamon Hawk is the industry’s first elastic visibility and analytics fabric, which closes the cloud visibility gap by enabling cloud tools to see the network and network tools to see the cloud. With visibility across the entire hybrid cloud network, organisations can improve customer experience, eliminate security blind spots, and reduce cost and complexity.


“The cloud visibility gap is a threat to business continuity for every organisation today, and the partnership between Gigamon and New Relic is crucial for organisations to reap the benefits of cloud adoption, without the associated risks,” said Michael Dickman, Chief Product Officer at Gigamon. “Hawk and its unique capabilities can offer such assurance by successfully eliminating security and compliance gaps and providing IT teams full visibility of their cloud environments.”