Barracuda Enhances Solution And Service Offering For Today’s Security-Centric MSP

Barracuda CloudGen Access for MSPs and Barracuda RMM help MSPs mitigate the cybersecurity risks associated with the growing remote workforce

Barracuda Networks, Inc., a trusted partner and leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions, today announced the expansion of its portfolio of solutions and services for IT managed service providers to include Barracuda CloudGen Access for MSPs. Additionally, the company is announcing key updates to the company’s scalable, cloud-based remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform.

“As organisations continue to adapt to hybrid work scenarios to support their growing remote workforces, the introduction of Barracuda CloudGen Access and enhancements to Barracuda RMM are necessary next steps in our commitment to supporting MSPs in their security-centric journey,” said Brian Babineau, Senior Vice President and General Manager, MSP Solutions. “By enabling MSPs to adopt a security-centric operational model, we are helping them to better mitigate the security risks associated with the work-from-anywhere approach and creating new business opportunities for them to deliver more flexible, secure access to valuable data, and streamline data protection operations.”

Barracuda CloudGen Access enables MSPs to provide Zero Trust Network Access

 Barracuda initially launched Barracuda CloudGen Access in November 2020 following the company’s acquisition of Fyde.  The addition of multi-tenant management and monthly pricing options for CloudGen Access makes it easier for MSPs to deploy and manage, while capturing value.

“As the network has become more amorphous, particularly over the past 12 months, relying on traditional measures such as a firewall alone to protect networks and customers’ devices has become inconvenient and insufficient, particularly given the significant rise in remote work and cloud adoption,” said Sinan Eren, Vice President Zero Trust Access, Barracuda. “CloudGen Access helps enable secure, reliable, and fast access to cloud and on-premises applications and workloads from any device and location.”

With Barracuda CloudGen Access, MSPs can expand their security services to protect customers’ resources and implement control for any unmanaged BYOD devices, without making changes to customers’ existing workflows. MSPs can also demonstrate increased value and strengthen the security posture of their customers by safeguarding against a breach caused by a potentially insecure or compromised device. As a result, MSPs are better positioned to drive business continuity, customer productivity, and mitigate business transformation risk for customers.

 Managed Workplace becomes Barracuda RMM

Formerly known as Managed Workplace, the scalable, cloud-based RMM platform will now be called Barracuda RMM.

Since the acquisition of Managed Workplace RMM in 2019, Barracuda MSP has been innovating the cloud-based platform, connecting to Office 365 APIs, adding automated third-party software update and patch management via Barracuda Advanced Software Management, and more.

“These innovations, along with Barracuda’s proven track record in helping MSPs accelerate their cloud journey, have created the perfect opportunity to evolve the product name,” said Babineau “When MSPs hear ‘Barracuda RMM,’ they should immediately know we are combining the best aspects of Barracuda’s commitment to securing their businesses for life with a robust solution needed to address that mandate.”

Highlights of the latest Barracuda RMM release include:

  • Integration with Barracuda Intronis Backup, enabling MSPs to deploy, monitor, and manage their Intronis Backup from within Barracuda RMM.
    • MSPs can seamlessly deploy agents, identify what to back up, where the backups are stored, and how often backups are performed, while centralizing the management through Barracuda RMM.
    • MSPs can set up alerts from Barracuda RMM to monitor the progress of their Intronis Backup and sync to their Professional Service Automation tool.
    • New Intronis Backup reports in Barracuda RMM help MSPs demonstrate their value.
  • Improved Microsoft patch management capabilities and improvements to the new Central Dashboard based on feedback from partners.

Additionally, Barracuda is also introducing a new RMM Migration service, in which Barracuda MSP’s team will setup and configure Barracuda RMM, ensuring that existing preferences and needs are considered. This new service includes setup of service plans, branding, monitoring and alerting polices, automations, and maintenance schedules including patch management. Integrations, such as a Professional Service Automation tool, Office 365, virtualization, backup, and many others, are configured and ready for the MSP’s use. The service also features a coordinated onboarding process with the MSP through the deployment.

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