Vocus New Zealand Selects ExtraHop Reveal(x) To Scale Workforce with Rapid Cybersecurity Network Detection and Response

ExtraHop, a leader in cloud-native network detection and response, today announced that Vocus New Zealand, a leading provider of specialist fibre and network solutions has deployed ExtraHop Reveal(x) to amplify its security posture with network visibility.

Vocus New Zealand (Vocus) has been connecting NZ businesses, government organisations, and consumers with telecommunications and IT services for over 23 years. It offers leading solutions across data centre, cloud, networking, security, and web and is part of the broader ASX-listed Vocus Group. The organisation owns and runs three data centres that house its core infrastructure as well as customer equipment hosted under colocation arrangements.

Reveal(x) enables Vocus to support its decentralised workforce with real-time visibility, threat detection, and strong investigation capabilities that extend across its hybrid, multi-cloud environment, including the critical VPN infrastructure that supports its remote workforce.

“We wanted to have a detection and response solution that was easy to use and deploy, scalable, and could proactively analyse in real time our corporate network and cloud traffic, as well as identify any anomalies on the VPN from remote users accessing the network,” said Ivan Reutskiy, Security Manager, Vocus New Zealand.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) secures enterprises from ever-increasing advanced threats with network detection and response. Using AI and behavioural analytics, Reveal(x) provides complete east-west visibility, real-time threat detection inside the perimeter, and intelligent response at scale to help security organizations stay ahead of the advanced threats like supply chain attacks, zero days, and APTs.

“From the initial stages of the proof of concept, we were impressed with the feature functionality of ExtraHop Reveal(x),” said Reutskiy. “The fact that Reveal(x) could provide visibility across our hybrid environment, give us critical insight into encrypted traffic, and use that data to deliver high-quality alerts and detections set it apart.”

“Many organisations are compromised without realising it despite having firewalls and AV products. However, ExtraHop provides enterprises with visibility in real-time, enabling you to respond quickly to incidents. After all, if you can detect something fast and you have response processes in place, it might be the difference between a low impact and high impact breach.”

Reutskiy added, “ExtraHop ticked all the boxes we were looking for on the security side, and it also helps us stay proactive on the operations side. We can use it to identify expired certs, monitor legacy applications, and ensure that VPN connections are both secure and reliable for our users.”

To try ExtraHop Reveal(x) for yourself, check out the live interactive online demo. To hear more from ExtraHop customers, visit the Customer Stories page.