Axis Communications moves more resources into ANZ

Axis Communications has announced a change of focus, placing renewed emphasis on the Oceania region. With headquarters to remain in Melbourne, the company has elevated several team members into higher roles and the local management team will now have increased autonomy and more control over regional decisions

Previously responsible to the major hub in Singapore, the entire Asia region has now been re-imagined and divided into three separate entities, with Oceania becoming a territory in its own right. This will result in increased staff numbers across a diverse array of roles, and an expanded headquarters.

Current key changes to the local structure sees Wai King Wong, previously Regional Sales Director, assume the new role of Regional Director for Oceania. Trevor Westhead will lead the End Customer segment lead team, Oshana Jouna will head up the Sales Engineering and Training team, and Clint Morris steps into the newly-created role of Sales Manager for New Zealand.

Axis Communications will also be hiring a Human Resources manager in coming weeks, to oversee recruitment and workforce management of the expanded team. The organisation’s regional marketing team will be expanded, and more staffing resources allocated to pre-sales and technical engineering.

“The whole purpose of this major shift is to move all of our operations closer to the customer,” said Wai King Wong. “We will have more resources in the region, allowing us to offer more support to our customers, and provide faster response times right across the board.”

Axis Communications will also be offering increased opportunities for training, with a greater volume of courses and certification options available to integrators and end users. Specific courses will now be offered free of charge, some of which were previously invoiced.

“We are democratising our education offerings, making them more available to those who want to learn more about the Axis Communications ecosystem of products. Increased resources in the region allows us to devote more time and energy to training, which in turn offers better value and rewards for those who stand to gain the most, our valued customers,” states Wong.

Axis Communications’ Oceania base will remain in Melbourne, with the company headquarters to be expanded in the near future. Larger, more fit-for-purpose offices will provide better facilities in general, and more opportunities for customer and integrator relations.

“Again, everything comes back to the customer,” concludes Wong. “If we have more people working on our solutions, with better facilities, we can ultimately provide better services. This is an exciting time for the company, and the fact that we are expanding like this, despite challenging business conditions, provides testimony to the company’s overall vision and the importance of the Oceania region.”