ASIAL Launches Horizon 2025, A Road Map For Industry Growth.

As part of its ongoing leadership and commitment to the growth and development of the security industry, ASIAL has announced it is funding Horizon 2025 – a major initiative to identify future industry challenges, trends and opportunities.

ASIAL has engaged the Australian Security Research Centre to undertake the project.

Horizon 2025 seeks to set out a ‘best practice’ roadmap for the industry, government and users of security services to deliver an innovative, responsive, professional and respected security industry.

How you can participate in Horizon 2025

The success of Horizon 2025 will rely on the input and involvement of a wide range of key stakeholders, including security providers, government, law enforcement agencies and users of security services. There are two ways you can contribute:

Online Survey (10 minutes) – an opportunity to provide input on the key challenges and opportunities in building security industry capability to meet future demand.

Virtual workshops (90 minutes duration) – to be held between 24th-26th February 2021.

The Virtual workshops offer an opportunity to provide input into “what” the future of the security industry in Australia will look like, “how” this can be achieved and “why” such strategies and initiatives are needed.

Participation will be capped at a maximum of 25 participants to encourage engagement, so please RSVP as soon as possible. Participants are requested to come prepared with their thoughts and contributions (as to “what”, “how” and “why”), so that all can get the most benefit out the opportunity at hand.

The workshops will be facilitated by Dr Paul Johnston (Senior Researcher, ASRC)

Contact for more information on the Virtual workshops.


About the Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL)

ASIAL is the peak body for security professionals in Australia, representing members ranging from large corporate entities to small and medium-sized operations.

About the Australian Security Research Centre (ASRC)

The Australian Security Research Centre was founded in 2006 by A/Professor Athol Yates to provide a collaborative approach to the study and discussion of international, national and local security.

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