The Show Must Go On: The Role of Security in the 2020 AFL Season

In this episode, we speak with Tony Keane Head of Integrity and Security for the AFL (Australian Football League).

What does it take to move 2500 players, staff, officials and family members interstate, and then ensure the safety and security of those people during one of the worst global health crises in modern memory, to enable the 2020 AFL season to proceed? Tony shares his experiences from 2020 providing insight into the role that security played in enabling the last year’s AFL season and why the season may not have gone ahead without the aid of private security.

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As the Head of Integrity and Security at the Australian Football League, Tony is responsible for numerous portfolios including the Anti-Doping and Illicit Drugs Programs, Intelligence, Investigations, Safeguarding Children, Respect and Responsibility, Security, Emergency Management and Counter-Terrorism.

Within Marvel Stadium, he is responsible for the overall management of the Security, Safety and Emergency Management portfolios. Tony represents Australian sports on the National Business Advisory Group, a sub-committee of the Australian and New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee. In addition, Tony is a member of both the Forum of Australasian Security Executives, Asia Crisis Security Group and the Coalition of Major Professional Participation Sports Integrity/Security workgroups.

He has conducted security, counter-terrorism and anti-doping research tours throughout the world, including the United States, Switzerland, Poland and the United Kingdom and has been at the AFL for the past 6 years. Before this time, he spent 14 years as a Detective with Victoria Police working primarily in the Homicide Squad along with multiple other criminal investigation units.


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The podcast duration is 22 minutes and 42 seconds.