Vix Vizion reinvents interface for easier use

Australian Facial Recognition vendors Vix Vizion, owners of the Imagus software solution, have responded to user feedback by re-designing the front end of their flagship platform. Following the on-boarding of significant numbers of licensed pubs and clubs in South Australia, the company has made changes to the front-end of the solution to make it easier to use.


“With so many new licences being sold due to the South Australian government’s responsible gaming laws, that require an authorised facial recognition solution be installed in every licensed premises, we recognised the need for a simpler, one-touch interface. The majority of people now using our software in these premises are not technical, and we have responded to their needs and produced an easier user experience,” said Fraser Larcombe, Product and Channel Manager, Vix Vizion.


The Imagus solution now has single-touch connectivity, allowing users to access camera streams faster and more efficiently. Mobile alerts can be set to advise managers of specific events, and the process of accessing the system is now as simple as pushing a button to get instant insights from the live video feed.


“Unlike most of our competitors in the South Australian register for responsible gaming, we are an Australian-based company and therefore can respond quickly to feedback from the field. We have the ability to make changes like this, and provide the user experience that specific markets like this require,” explains Jim Christis, Chief Operations Officer at Vix Vizion. “No off-the-shelf solution would work properly for this particular scenario, so we are lucky that our local team has the ability to tailor a solution to the specific market needs.”


  • The Imagus solution now has the ability to differentiate between the official government database, and any specific lists added by the club according to their own requirements.
  • Local development is supported by local staff, able to respond to specific requests and service requirements.
  • Vix Vizion offers monitoring 24 hours a day
  • The solution is self healing, which covers both hardware and software
  • As well as providing in-depth monitoring of the Imagus software itself, the solution provides information on the current network state, frame rates of specific cameras, temperatures of GPU, CPU, memory and hard drive usage.
  • Vix Vizion uses a specially-encrypted router for extra security.
  • The system has been set to NOT record personal details such as age, gender and VIP status.
  • On an alarm being sounded, the solution will alert the club by email and SMS as well as flashing the screen red to ensure that the alarm is seen. An image of the individual will be displayed from the government’s official database, allowing for easy identification and location in the premises.


“The front end has now been developed entirely around the needs of these licenced clubs, with help directly from them. We are now able to ensure that any member of staff can use it, whether they are young or old, technically proficient or completely new to this,” concludes Larcombe.


Vix Vizion has now installed Imagus software at the majority of licenced premises in South Australia, having been accepted as an official ‘approved vendor’ for the government’s responsible gaming scheme. The Queensland-based company has experienced a sharp increase in business from the hospitality sector in recent months, as more premises around the country look to cutting-edge technology to increase their capabilities.