The Importance of Mental Health in Security

In this episode, we speak with Melissa Harries, a registered Psychologist and Founder of Mindset Psychology. An experienced Workplace Psychologist with a demonstrated history of occupational mental health in Defence, local government and private industries, Melissa is also part owner of the security provider Mindset Securities. Through her involvement with her own security business, and drawing on her experience as a registered psychologist, Melissa shares with us her unique insights into the challenges of maintaining a mentally healthy and stable workforce within the security industry.

We also examine how and why frontline security personnel are especially vulnerable to mental health challenges, and some preventative strategies that security managers can use to keep staff healthy and safe.

Guest speaker

Melissa Harries has been a registered psychologist for 15 years and started her career as an Army Psychologist, heavily involved with preventative mental health both here in Australia and deployed overseas. She has been working with civilian organisations to improve mental health and performance since 2012 and co-owner of Mindset Securities a small security firm in NSW since 2015. Melissa has a particular passion for mental health in the security industry as guards are often first responders to and recipients of acts of violence big and small.


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The podcast duration is 28 minutes and 48 seconds.