AI powered Proximity Detection solution launched to aid with social distancing

Ipsotek, a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) powered video analytics, has announced the launch of a Proximity Detections olution to help businesses across a range of industries monitor adherence to social distancing guidelines enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The solution is available as part of Ipsotek’s VISuite AI platform, which is powered by a versatile GPU-enabled, deep learning engine. This supports highly customised object classification, detection and tracking capabilities, offering a reliable method for accurately determining the distance between moving objects or people in real-time. This is critical for multiple industries needing to demonstrate their capability for adhering to social distancing guidelines in order to be fully operational in today’s current climate.

The technology works by actively monitoring large networks of cameras and tracking the GPS coordinates of an object or person within the field of view in real-time using a unique and patented geospatial algorithm. This AI algorithm automatically learns the perspective of the scene and tracks an object’s shape, appearance, colours, speed, and trajectory, meaning it is able to precisely calculate the distance between objects and/or people, without using face recognition or an individual’s mobile phone signal.

For industries including warehousing, transportation and retail as well as critical national infrastructure, Ipsotek’s Proximity Detection solution automatically monitors the proximity of both staff and members of the public, and if social distancing rules are broken an alarm is raised and the dynamic dashboard updated.

If a spike in social distancing alerts is registered, an email is automatically sent to a designated person for further investigation. The technology is also valuable in the case of contact tracing, enabling the quick identification of anyone who might have come into contact with someone later found to have tested positive for COVID-19.

This technology has been successfully trialled in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Singapore as part of Ipsotek’s COVID-19 software solution platform and is now being deployed at multiple locations.

Chris Bishop, Marketing Director at Ipsotek, said: “The Proximity Detection module will assist in determining areas where social distancing is not being observed, whilst also benefiting businesses, who need to ensure their staff are protecting themselves and each other during their working day.”