Here’s what to do when accelerated cloud migration lags in security

A recent report by Radware reveals that with the emergence of new opportunities, Covide-19 has fuelled a contactless economy.

The pandemic has poured fuel on to the cloud migration fire as organisations look to succeed in a contactless economy that now, more than ever, prizes online interactions and the digital experience.

As a result, businesses are moving more critical infrastructure and applications into the public cloud and fewer into on-premise data centres. In addition, new business opportunities have presented themselves as companies increasingly rely on online ordering, streaming services, teleconferencing and more.

Radware’s report reveals that 76 percent of respondents said the pandemic has accelerated their plans for business infrastructure migration to the cloud.

The pandemic meant that organisations suddenly needed network infrastructure that could support remote workers logging in to access critical company systems. Executives directed IT departments to pivot resources to support the altered workforce.

Even though 43% of respondents’ companies have had to reduce headcount, they reported a 46% increase in productivity, better work/life balance and improved employee retention.

But there was a serious downside.  Learn, on Radware’s C-Suite LinkedIn discussion, all about this and how to resolve the manifold issues: