Introducing the new Axis C1410 Network Mini Speaker

The AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker is a discrete and affordable speaker, that fits into smaller spaces and provides wide-area audio coverage.

This Network Mini Speaker is ideal for wide variety of applications, including things like remotely warning off intruders before they commit a crime, delivering instructions during an emergency or for making general announcements.  You have the choice of either using the built-in memory, to play pre-recorded messages, or personnel can respond to notifications using live speech.

Digital signal processing (DSP) ensures you can deliver clear sound for easily understood instructions. Furthermore, thanks to the use of open standards, the C1410 is easily integrated with network video installations, access control systems, analytics, and VoIP systems.

A standalone unit, this speaker can be placed virtually anywhere, making it easy to adopt a flexible, scalable and cost-effective approach to system design.

Perhaps the most important feature of the C1410 is that, through the ability to add voice messages to your video surveillance installation, you immediately change your CCTV system from being a passive surveillance solution to an active deterrence. With voice messages, you can react instantly to what you are seeing, stopping unwanted activities and adding an extra layer of protection for both people and property.

Importantly, these speakers, whether part of an audio solution, a CCTV system or operating as a standalone product, enable you to deliver safety instructions and emergency notifications as well as voice messages related to your daily business, providing information and instructions to staff, customers, students and the like.

And of course, being a speaker, let’s not forget you can also use it to play background music when suitable.

The Axis C1410 Network Mini Speaker is a fantastic, all-in-one speaker system which quickly and easily connects to any standard network thanks to Power over Ethernet. With built in Remote-health-testing and a PIR sensor for motion detection, the C1410 Network Mini Speaker is fantastic addition to any network video, access control or Voice over IP system or even for use as a standalone audio solution.

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