Introducing SIRT Training Tools

Carrying a firearm for security work is a significant responsibility and one that you need to be prepared for to the best of your ability. However, the reality is that time on the range is expensive, ammunition is expensive and hiring a qualified instructor can be really expensive, and during a lockdown, getting to a range can be impossible. So what is the alternative?

In reality, a great deal of one’s ability to shoot accurately comes down to three fundamentals, grip, stance and trigger control. Once you have learned these three fundamentals, a lot can be done to significantly improve your skill with a firearm just by practising those three things.

The SIRT Pistol, which stands for Shot Indicating Resting Trigger, was specially designed for high-volume self-diagnostic training which could be carried out quickly and safely in places like your home, office, or training centre.

This replica firearm is available in two variants, either a GLOCK or a Smith & Wesson MNP. The SIRT is available in several models ranging from the entry-level see-through plastic polymer version through to a polymer frame with a metal slide that weighs the same as a real firearm.

The SIRT is designed around the use of dual lasers built into the training tool. The first laser activates when enough pressure is applied to the trigger to simulate taking up the trigger slack to the point that the trigger is about to break, causing the gun to fire. The trigger pressure in all SIRT models is designed to accurately mimic the trigger pressure in the real-world versions of both the GLOCK and the S&W MNP. The second laser activates once the trigger breaks (using the pressure required to fire the real gun) showing the user exactly where his or her shot would land. Using this dual laser system, one can train a diagnose a wide range of issues that can affect one’s accuracy with a handgun. Problems such as snatching the trigger, poor site alignment, allowing too much slack on the trigger between shots (slapping the trigger), incorrect grip and so on.

Furthermore, the accurately weighted magazines used by the SIRT enable users to carry out a significant range of useful drills from mag changes to reload drills, stoppage drills, draw and fire drills, the list goes on.

What’s more, because the SIRT is not classed as a firearm or prohibited weapon in parts of Australia, you can keep one at home a train regularly. Just a few minutes of mindful practice per day, focusing on drawing and developing am accurate site picture can have a significant impact on real-world skills. Combine that with trigger control, and you will be more accurate than even in very little time. SIRT even provide a range of training material online for free to help users make the most of their practice time.

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