Gigamon’s updated ThreatInsight detects threats rapidly and lowers risk

Gigamon’s updated ThreatInsight Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution secures networks as they endure significant traffic volume increases and usage pattern shifts in unprecedented times of change.

The solution improves security and reduces risk by optimising network visibility, detection and response to emerging threats in the rapidly transforming cybersecurity landscape.
It provides visibility into encrypted traffic, automated threat and at-risk asset prioritisation, as well as optimised threat hunting and investigation workflows.

“When combating threat actors, security teams face heightened risk due to low speed of triage and investigation, slow response times and administration overhead — problems that only worsen with dynamic environments and demands like securing the remote workforce,” said Chris Kissel, Director, Worldwide Security & Trust Products, IDC Research.

“Solutions like Gigamon’s that provide incident investigation and response teams with a way to operationalise critical data are necessary to defeat active threats. Users will benefit from Gigamon’s quick time-to-value through an intuitive interface, simplified deployment and fast threat response and mitigation.”

ThreatInsight can help security teams reduce risk and support resiliency in changing environments by:

# Automating incident prioritisation through dynamic risk calculation and security tool deployment

# Exposing hidden threats in encrypted communication through TLS 1.3 decryption of all network traffic with Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric

# Optimising investigation and providing decision certainty, through new workflows, proactive threat hunting tools and threat activity tracking regardless of a network’s scale or complexity.