Milestone Opens Local Care Desk

Milestone Systems has expanded their support and service footprint in the region, with the opening of a new Care Desk in their Port Melbourne office.

The service extends a new level of local and specialised support to Milestone Care Plus and Care Premium subscribers, offering a point of direct contact for the South Pacific region.

Milestone Care™ is described as a complete service and support program that takes care of a customer’s Milestone Systems product throughout its lifetime. Live chat assistance, a global support community, a large online library of inspiring and informative articles, video tutorials, manuals and guides as well as a wide range of self-paced eLearning courses are offered as part of Milestone Care™.

“In the current climate of Covid-19 lockdowns and social distancing, where companies have limited accessibility to organisations and work sites, it is important that our customers’ XProtect solutions are maintained. Milestone continues to offer our integrators and resellers renewed and affordable service and support such as upgrade offers, extra support, and Care™ coverage via our Milestone Care™ program. Having a Milestone Care subscription enables these companies to keep their employees up-to-date while maintaining a responsible level of limited direct interaction through regular product updates and information,” said Brett Hansen, Country manager South Pacific, Milestone Systems.

The Milestone’s Care™ Plus package also provides three new releases of software each year. Milestone Care™ Premium provides an extended level of support, designed for business-critical installations where 24/7 technical expertise may be required.

Evonne Tong, who has a track record of customer care in technical environments, has been employed to staff the Melbourne Care Desk as a Milestone Care Desk Associate. She will be handling inbound calls from Milestone Care™ customers, dissemination of educational material, outreach to customers engaged on specific projects, providing a point of contact and quotes for Milestone partners, and recording customer information to keep records current and accurate.

Brett Hansen adds: “this hire means that we now have local resources dedicated to keeping our Milestone Care™ customers one-hundred percent up to date and ensuring that their needs are catered for. While we have always had staff available to respond to queries, this expansion of our team means that we have someone in the same time zone as our ANZ customers, which improves our response time, gives us scope to better understand their specific needs and further improve customer satisfaction”.

Milestone also has a Care Desk in Singapore catering to the broader Milestone community across the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, as well as additional offices in America and India.