EZI SECURITY SYSTEMS Safetyflex RB002-40 Retractable Bollard ASIAL Physical Security Product of the year 2019

Ezi Security Systems were last month awarded ASIAL’s Physical Security Product of the year for the second year running, this year featuring the newly available Safetyflex RB002-40 retractable bollard.

The cornerstone of the RB002-40 retractable bollard system is the patented spring technology system unique to Safetyflex Barrier Systems, UK. Ezi Security Systems are the exclusive distributor of Safetyflex Barrier Systems products throughout Australia, NZ and PNG.

Safetyflex spring technology bollards have revolutionised hostile vehicle mitigation systems. Unlike standard steel tube bollards that require massive foundations, Safetyflex’s unique bollards are manufactured using a special composition of spring steel that absorbs extreme amounts of energy/impact thanks to its flex technology. On impact, much of this energy is reflected directly opposing the impact, arresting the attacking vehicle. Importantly, this innovation enables the bollard to achieve extreme certified impact levels with a fraction of the foundation depths required by conventional bollards. Uniquely by design and pre-test, within the elastic limits of the bollard system.

Safetyflex’s in house testing facility provides customers with a guarantee that the product they install is the same as the product that was tested at MIRA. Each bollard is individually load tested before leaving the factory.

Responding to identified risks foreseen by Ezi’s clients, Ezi’s influence within our global pool of expert collaborators has posted strides this year, advancing deliverable test certified devices specifically targeting risks identified by Ezi’s clients. Features sought inspiring the RB002-40 included;

  •  A quickly deployable and retractable bollard system requiring no power supply
  • Crash test certified performance capable of arresting a 7200kg truck impact at 64kmph, conceding minimal penetration
  • Robust reliability and resilience; maintaining high level protection and continuing to operate even after devastating impact

Safetyflex’s already world leading shallow mount retractable bollard system (the RB001-30) was adapted this year incorporating the powerfully robust spring steel core of their TS9-40 low penetration, shallow mount fixed bollard. The first RB002-40 was subjected to impact by a 7200kg truck at 40mph (64kmph), at the UK’s MIRA test laboratory, in May this year.

This test was an astounding success; the “RB002-40” arrested the 7200kg N2 truck conceding just one metre penetration. This is completely unprecedented by a retractable bollard system in this class, let alone one deployable within 90 seconds from its 450mm deep ‘coffin enclosure’ by one person with a battery drill, without need of electrical power or connection of any kind. Equally amazing was that the RB002-40 was still in working order once the destroyed truck was prized from the bollard, then recorded being lowered back into its enclosure and raised as normal, after impact. No other retractable bollard system in the world matches these unique attributes.

Crash test performance is certified as IWA 14-1:2013 Bollard V/7200[N2A]/64/90:1.0

Video of the crash test and evidence of operation after impact, can be viewed at;


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