Celebrating International Security Officers Day

Every day, security officers put themselves in harm’s way to protect the public from danger. Yet few people ever recognise the sacrifices they make. We need your help to make the 24th of July (24/7) International Security Officers Day. The date has been chosen specifically to represent the 24/7 nature of security work. Please share this video with friends, colleagues, family members, co-workers and anyone else you know, and encourage them on 24th of July, to simply smile at a security officer, given him or her a nod and say thank you. It isn’t much to ask in return for the sacrifices made.
If we can get enough people and enough countries involved, the goal is to petition the United Nations to have them formally declare July 24th, each and every year, International Security Officer’s Days to celebrate and recognise the contributions made by the often nameless and unseen thousands who work long and arduous hours in often harsh conditions to keep us safe. They don’t do it for the money, they don’t do it fo the rewards and they certainly don’t do it for the public adulation. So help us say thank you and show your appreciation by sharing this video as far and wide as possible.