High tech security on track for Australia’s largest new prison

The electronic security system for Australia’s largest prison under construction has passed factory acceptance testing first time at its designer’s headquarters in Adelaide.

The Clarence Correctional Centre, which will accommodate 1,700 inmates, has the OneViewTM state-of-the-art electronic security system designed by Saab Australia.

Over two days, representatives of the government and the centre’s builder, designers, project managers, security contractor managers and an independent certifier observed Saab engineers put OneView through rigorous test protocols.

“Although Clarence is a huge, complex facility, we anticipated the testing would go well.  We designed OneView to be flexible from the ground up and we’ve a solid track record of successful installations in modern security prisons,” said Michael Wilkin, Saab Australia’s civil solutions operations manager.

OneView integrates all fifteen security subsystems including CCTV cameras, door access controls, intruder sensors, biometric scanners across all the prison’s  buildings.

It simplifies the security picture for security control room operators by providing one easy-to-manage view.

Operators receive critical information immediately which is pushed out via automatic alerts from sensors installed throughout the prison and interrogated by built-in intelligence.

“All our design, testing and modification work is done here in Australia, we now have an engineering workforce of 500,” said Michael Wilkin.

Cabling and device installation is currently underway and a number of the security subsystems are being pre-commissioned at present ready for commissioning into OneView in June.

The Clarence Correctional Centre, south east of Grafton, is being delivered by the NSW Government in partnership with the NorthernPathways consortium consisting of John Holland, Serco and John Laing.

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