This time we are exploring the security market of Australia and New Zealand. The main players are still the same: Axis, Hikvision, Dahua. However, as you can notice, this market differs a lot from the picture in Europe and the US; for example, we do not see Samsung (Hanwha Techwin) in the list of popular brands.

In order to build this report, we took information about 3,611 companies and several hundreds of CCTV brands. Then we checked how many companies use or at least mention each of the brand and if this number is less than 20 – all those brands were combined into the ‘others’ group. After this, we ended up with 21 popular brands and their shares.

Here is the CCTV brand popularity chart for Australia and New Zealand, August 2018.

Visibility of CCTV Brands

On the left, we have a pie chart, showing the share of each brand. On the right, we have the number of companies who offer the listed equipment.

To view more brands, companies and so on, check the source at Global market for surveillance and security equipment

Tim Rippon
Tim Rippon is the founder and director of elasticus, advising Australian-based executives on how to best manage cybersecurity, disaster recovery and business continuity before a major disaster or crisis occurs. He holds a certified Master of Information Security (ISO 27001), certified Master of Business Continuity (ISO 22301) and Lead Cyber Security Manager (ISO 27032) from PECB. Tim can be contacted via mobile 0417 036 026.