Gunnebo Announces Partnership With Avon Barrier 

Avon Barrier Hostile Vehicle MitigationStrengthening Gunnebo’s Position in Physical Security and Asset Hardening 


Gunnebo Australia are delighted to announce a new Partnership with Avon Barrier as exclusive reseller of their Hostile Vehicle Mitigation product range in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Having assessed the changing needs of the market Gunnebo will partner with Avon Barrier to meet the requirements of high risk facilities and critical infrastructure throughout the Pacific region.

“We can already see from the business that we have been awarded that the partnership with Avon Barrier delivers the highest level of security and value to our customers”, says Michael Brookes, Managing Director, Gunnebo Australia. “The addition of the Avon Barrier product range adds to Gunnebo’s already impressive portfolio of Physical Security Solutions”, said Michael. 

“The Gunnebo Team are most excited with the opportunity presented with the shallow mount bollard range,” said Michael. “The design is highly flexible allowing effective use on a sloping site. In addition, the design allows for full adaptation at installation ensuring an aesthetically pleasing end result with the peace of mind of a high security tested and proven product.” Michael said. 

Paul Bale, CEO of Avon Barrier is delighted to announce this partnership, he commented “We see this as a very positive step forward for both parties. Our partnership will extend Avon Barrier’s global reach, with the reassurance that Gunnebo Australia share similar goals and values to Avon Barrier. We look forward to our products being promoted and supported by a mutually professional, knowledgeable and highly respected organisation.” 

The partnership with Avon Barrier further strengths Gunnebo’s portfolio of products now offering solutions from; The Perimeter, with Hostile Vehicle Mitigation products, to the Building Envelope with our Bullet, Blast and Manual Attack Resistant Curtain Walling including Doors, Windows and Partitions through to Entrance Control. 

About Gunnebo: Gunnebo provides Physical Security Solutions into a range of facilities right across the globe. Gunnebo are experienced in understanding the operating environment in places such as embassies, critical infrastructure, data centres, government agencies, stadiums, airports and mass transit. Our product solutions include; Cash Management, Safes and Vaults, Entrance Control and Perimeter Protection. 

About Avon Barrier: Avon Barrier are international experts in physical perimeter security solutions that protect critical infrastructure and public places from vehicle borne threats. They design and manufacture products which are physically impact tested to internationally recognised standards. Their headquarters are in the UK, and they export their Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Solutions globally.