EKA CyberlockWhat do you do when:

  • your ‘bullet proof’ master key system is compromised because of a lost key.
  • you want to provide secure audited access control to your employees or contractors in the middle of country NSW on a padlock that’s not connected to any network
  • you want real time reports of access to locks and revoke permission instantaneously ensuring you have the maximum security your assets need

EKA CyberLock is a key-centric access control system perfect for any company assets. For utility companies, CyberLock can secure access to substations, reservoirs, equipment, and storage areas. For the unsung heroes in supply chain, CyberLock can secure access to containers, depots, warehouses, and even gates.  Data Centres, multi-level offices, manufacturing sites – if you have a mechanical lock, then EKA CyberLock is a perfect fit since the cylinders retrofit into existing door hardware, without any power or wiring needed.

Featuring 350 different lock cylinders in the range, several CyberKey options, full audit reporting at both the CyberLock cylinder (1100 activities) and CyberKey (3900 to 12,000 activities depending on the CyberKey type), ability to manage user access rights, and customised reporting.

The EKA CyberLock system is fully backed by a global team of experts and has just released a new Bluetooth CyberKey and mobile app for smartphones allowing practically real time access privileges and audit logs.  The beauty of the new mobile app, is that the Bluetooth CyberKey permissions can be uploaded on to the app whilst in a 3G/4G area and then the user can use the CyberKey in no 3G/4G signal areas, making this extremely attractive for remote site access management

All your user data, audit logs, reports and more are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) where you’re in control, making the EKA solution scalable to your needs.