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In an increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world, the increase and damage from terrorist attacks, growth of cyber-enabled espionage, criminality and the increasing concerns about foreign interference create a threat environment which calls for coordinated and rapid inter-agency responses to meet the risks to the public.

This year’s summit, Structuring for the future — Strategic thinking for a secure Australia will address contemporary developments of inter-agency operations and focus on the synergies that can be created through developing an integrated strategic focus. In particular, the summit will look at bridging the gaps between government, agencies and private enterprise for sharing of information/intelligence, policy, tactics and capability.

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The Hon Angus Taylor, MP, Minister for Law Enforcement and Cyber Security, Federal Member for Hume

International Standards Meeting on Security and Resilience Findings

Safeguarding Australia 2018 will give you your first opportunity to hear about the outcomes of the International Standards Meeting on Security and Resilience which was held in Sydney in March this year with over 100 delegates from 40 countries.
The highlights will include the development of the new Standards on Security Architecture and Guidelines, Protection of Crowded Places, Digital Surveillance and the revision of the international risk management standard (ISO31000).
Jason Brown, National Security Director, Thales Australia & New Zealand will facilitate a panel of experts at the summit who will address the issues arising and answer questions about the new work. Background on this findings can be found at ISO/TC 292

Visiting Fulbright Professor Kacper Gradon

As the lead project researcher of the 3 year long (2014-2017) European-Union funded PRIME recommendations on LAEEs (Lone Actor Extremists Events) presented to the European Commission last year, Dr Gradon will be presenting the final report at Safeguarding Australia 2018 and will go beyond the state of the art, describing the approaches both to the newly adapted “analogue” terrorist MOs (i.e run-over attacks, arsons and stabbings – strategies endorsed both by ISIS and Al Qaeda), and to the digital frontiers of threats, analysing the challenges that they pose to law-enforcement and security services.

Keynote Highlights

National Security, Science & Technology Forum, Thursday, 10 May

The pace of change and the corresponding relevance of science & technology demand that National Security agencies have access to the best science and technology for advancing Australia’s national security capabilities.

In today’s world, knowledge of how science and technology can help safeguard our national security is vital. There are many synergies to be explored between researchers and practitioners.

The National Security Science and Technology Forum will provide participants with a valuable overview of state-of-the art case studies, modelling tools and research projects in areas covering cyber-security, protective structures, smart materials, UAVs and sensing technologies, and vehicle impact. Threats to national security may include terrorist attacks, malevolent and insider attacks, and military threats to personnel or infrastructure.

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  • Senior representatives from the military and law enforcement communities
  • Senior State & Local government administrators
  • Strategic and intelligence analysts
  • Risk and security managers
  • Emergency services and health professionals
  • Critical infrastructure owners and operators
  • Engineers, scientists and technologists
  • Corporate and business executives

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