Entrance security has evolved in the last decade to a point where functionality alone is no longer enough. Architects, engineers, facility managers, security consultants and other specifiers are seeking elegant and refined solutions to manage the follow of people into, out of, and around buildings and facilities.


Boon Edam’s Speedlane Swing, part of its Lifeline series of speed stiles, has been designed to perfectly blend high quality engineering, with elegance and sophistication, to provide a modern entry, suitable for high rise buildings, corporate HQs, broadcasters, treasuries, diplomacies, embassies, legislature, parliaments and other government buildings.

The Speedlane Swing, which will be on display at the 2018 Security Expo in Melbourne (Stand G2) this July, is the slimmest in the Lifeline Series – which also includes Open and Slide models – with the cabinet housing measuring as little as 106mm. The slim nature of the speed stile makes it ideal for narrow entrances, where multiple lanes can still be installed to guide visitors smoothly through the space.


“The small cabinet housing is a major advantage of the Speedlane Swing model. We’ve worked on a number of projects where an additional lane can fit using a Swing model, that would not have been possible with larger units,” says Mr Alastair Russell, National Sales Manager, Boon Edam Australia, who has over 30 years of experience in entrance security, both in Australia and the UK.


Energy-efficiency is built into the Speedlane Swing, which has sensors to determine if anyone is within range. If enough time has elapsed with no activity, the unit goes into a ‘sleep’ mode where lights are turned off to save power. As soon as someone walks within the sensors range, intuitive lighting switches on and guides the user effortlessly through the gate.


Speedlane Swing
The Speedlane Swing can have tall glass (as pictured above) or short glass (as pictured at the top of this article) to suit different applications

“The Speedlane Swing has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Modern arrow symbols guide users simply and effectively into the correct lane and prevent any confusion,” says Mr Russell.

“The Speedlane Swing can also be used as a second-tier security system, in multi-layered security buildings, where primary barriers are set up further inside the facility,” he said.


A universal ‘BoonTouch’ control is available for applications where the Speedlane is used in conjunction with a manned security operation. The security team member is able to control any combination of up to six security access solutions. With a user-friendly interface, BoonTouch allows for the control of individual lanes, multiple lanes and to control an alarm situation.

“The BoonTouch feature is ideally suited to the front entrance of a building where the majority of visitors will have passes to swipe on the Speedlane, but there will be occasional visitors who will need temporary passes or assisted access,” says Mr Russell.

“BoonTouch allows for all units to be held open for open days, or locked down in the event of an emergency, giving greater control to the security team,” he said.

Speedlane Features

The Speedlane Swing has been designed to the highest standards and incorporates a range of modern features, including:

  • Using unique sensors which detect visitors approaching
  • A sleep function to save energy
  • Pulsing light strips to guide the user
  • Intuitive and proven symbols to make it user friendly
  • Ergonomic design for customer comfort
  • Customisation possibilities in fitting with interior design
  • Premium quality materials

For more information visit www.boonedam.com.au