Visiting Fulbright Professor Kacper Gradon to Speak at Safeguarding Australia

Visiting Fulbright Professor Kacper Gradon to speak at Safeguarding Australia

Dr Gradon will cover the 3 year (2014–2017) final report of PRIME recommendations on LAEEs (Lone Actor Extremists Events) presented to the European Commission at the Safeguarding Australia 2018 and will go beyond the state of the art, describing the approaches both to the newly adapted “analogue” terrorist MOs (such as run-over attacks, arsons and stabbings – strategies endorsed both by ISIS and AQ), and to the digital frontiers of threats, analysing the challenges that they pose to law-enforcement and security services.

As a Visiting Fulbright Professor at the Centre for the Study and Prevention of Violence (University of Colorado), Dr. Gradon will present on “The Future of Crime and the future of terrorism” Can we prepare for the uncertain times?”

Safeguarding Australia — the country’s longest running and most influential National Security Summit in it’s 15th year — brings together government, business and academia to address today’s security challenges, locally and globally.

This summit on Structuring for the future — Strategic thinking for a secure Australia will address developments of contemporary interagency operations and focus on the friction points created through developing an integrated strategic focus. In particular, the summit will look at breaching the gap for sharing of information/ intelligence, policy, tactics and capability.

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