PathMinder Launch the new C5 Security Portal

PathMinder have recently launched their new C5 Security Portal in Australia. The unique C5 Security Portal combines a high security anti tailgating man trap with a 1200mm emergency egress door.

Following an authorised user through a door is known as ‘tailgating’ and is very easy to do. We have all been told that it is good manners to hold doors open for other people. However, good manners equals poor security practice. Willingly allowing intruders into a secure area not only flies in the face of security, it also renders even the most sophisticated access control system redundant. PathMinder portals solves this problem by ensuring everyone who passes through a doorway must present their access control card. This will give Security and Facilities Managers peace of mind that they are making the most of their security system.

The C5 Security Portal is made up of two interlocking doors. The intelligent controller in the portal makes sure only one door is open at a time, thereby restricting access and a sophisticated ultra-sonic tailgate detection system to ensure access is limited to authorised people only.

As standard, the units are designed to be burglary resistant and are certified as P1A. Options for each model include vandal, attack and bullet resistant solutions up to BR5 in certain models.  Other customisations include metal detector to stop weapons being brought on to a premise.

Uniquely, the C5 Security Portal has an added side door.  When the emergency exit door is opened, the doors of the C5 cylindrical Security Portal slide away, creating a wide-open space to allow deliveries, wheelchair access or an escape route in case of an emergency. When the door is closed, the security portal automatically resets to normal operation as a highly secure interlock system.

For more information visit or contact Michael Bystram on 0417 229 801