The Presco™ PSC16 Proximity Reader is an advanced, self contained RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) contactless reader. It is capable of interfacing to either a Wiegand input control panel or to Nidac’s range of Presco™ PAC decoders.

When a PSR16 is coupled with any PAC series door access controller, users get the benefits of a secure door access control solution with all of the features of the Presco™ system.

Featuring outputs for both Presco™ and Wiegand format data, the PSC16 Proximity Reader not only auto senses the output type required via white wire connection, it also has a read range of up to 20cm and is compatible with industry standard 26bit Wiegand systems while also being fully configurable for other systems with up to 64 bits of data from the keypad. Custom proximity cards and tags are also available for other Wiegand formats.

Supporting over 19 million possible code combinations (when used with Presco™ PAC), the entire system uses low cost non-shielded cable and can support the use of keypads up to one kilometre from the door controller (power supply and cable dependent). Backed by a 36-month manufacturer’s warranty, this Australian designed and manufactured keypad is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

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