How to stop tailgating on an existing access controlled door

PathMinder recently launched their new HPJ range of anti-tailgating doors which are designed to stop all forms of unauthorised entry attempts through existing access controlled doorways.

The HPJ is a half portal designed to ‘cap’ any existing door that needs to increase its security level to stop any tailgating or unauthorised entry attempts through the entry point. The HPJ features a 900mm opening for DDA compliance and is available in a 1400mm and 1900mm wide variant for existing single and double doors. This makes the HPJ an ideal solution to retrofit to any access controlled door that has tailgating problems.

The HPJ anti tailgating door creates a 2-door interlocking system with the existing door. The intelligent controller in the HPJ makes sure only one door is open at a time thereby restricting access. A highly sophisticated ultra-sonic tailgate detection system scans the door to ensure only one person gains access. If there is more than one person, the second door doesn’t open and access is thereby prevented. As standard, the HPJ anti tailgating doors are designed to be burglary resistant and are certified as P1A but can be rated all the way up to class 3 & 4 attack resistant with BR3 glass. PathMinder Security portals can work with any access control system and can have their security level raised by adding metal detectors or biometric readers.

“Unlike simple infra-red or camera based tailgate detection systems which only alert to unauthorised entry after the event, our HPJ anti tailgating doors actually prevent these types of events from happening.” says Nicola Luckie of PathMinder. ‘The half portal concept is an ideal retrofit option for any high security, access controlled door to stop tailgating or increase its attack resistance rating’

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