At this year’s Security Exhibition and Conference (26-28 July), Peter Gervasoni will present a strategic look at organisational risk, raising the discussion above traditional risk management tenets which tend to centre around alternately preventative and reactionary checklists and processes, as well as the standards that establish the integrity of those processes. This presentation examines the impacts to organisations resulting from external dependencies; the interdependent nature of the services – and risks – that we all share; and how and why we need to start thinking about these vulnerabilities in a more strategic context. Key to this is expectation management, stakeholder engagement and relationship building… all of which allow for the identification and prioritization of critical nodes which are necessary in ensuring continued business continuity.

Pete has worked in risk related roles for more than 10 years and currently specialises in Organisational Resilience. Pete has held management positions in multiple levels of Government across diverse sectors including Enterprise Risk Management, project management, policy development, quality assurance, international bilateral negotiation and innovation.

Currently working at the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) as a Senior Risk Partner, he provides an internal risk management consultancy to the Executive and Senior managers together with developing the TAC Organisational Resilience Framework.

Pete was formally the Deputy Director for International Arrangements & Services at the Defence Materiel Organisation providing Government Quality Assurance services and advice including risk management to Defence projects and operational elements, including International Partners & Industry.

Pete is an active member of the RMIA Organisational Resilience Special Interest Group and was recently appointed to the Standards Australian/ISO working group (MB025/TC292) on Security and Resilience.

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