Organisation Resilience – A Catchcry Or An Effective Holistic Approach To Risk Management

At this year’s Security Exhibition and Conference (26-28 July), Claire S. Willette of Windrose International will be presenting a strategic look at organisational risk, raising the discussion above traditional risk management tenets which tend to centre around alternately preventative and reactionary checklists and processes, as well as the standards that establish the integrity of those processes. This presentation examines the impacts to organisations resulting from external dependencies; the interdependent nature of the services – and risks – that we all share; and how and why we need to start thinking about these vulnerabilities in a more strategic context. Key to this is expectation management, stakeholder engagement and relationship building… all of which allow for the identification and prioritization of critical nodes which are necessary in ensuring continued business continuity.

Claire S. Willette is a senior management executive with 18 years’ experience in the United States Department of Defense, the Australian Defence Department and the private sector. Her experience spans the national security spectrum, to include security cooperation; critical infrastructure protection; counter-terrorism; continuity of operations and governance; emergency management and industrial policy, with a focus on developing strategic policies, governance frameworks, planning, risk management, performance/program management and stakeholder engagement and facilitation.

Prior to her arrival in Australia, Claire served as Director, Mission Assurance for the United States Department of Defense, and was responsible for developing and implementing the Department’s Mission Assurance vision, strategy and policies in support of a White House-mandated national critical infrastructure protection program. She established resiliency and continuity of operations for mission critical functions and governance across globally-situated critical infrastructure dependencies via the formulation of the Department’s cyber, energy and electric power vulnerabilities and dependencies portfolios; chaired a multitude of defence and industry related committees; provided Departmental leadership and representation to the White House and the National Security Council; provided testimony to Congress and managed all Departmental engagements with federal, State and local agencies and private sector critical infrastructure owners/operators upon whom Departmental operations were reliant.

Claire sat on the Board of the Australian Risk Policy Institute and has recently taken on the role of Senior Expert Advisor to the International Standards Committee.

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