Security industry trainees urged to stick to reputable trainers

The Queensland OFT (Office OF Fair Trading) is reminding those training to work in the security industry to ensure they complete their training through a reputable provider.

The warning comes as the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) cancelled the registration of a further three Registered Training Organisations (RTO) that were delivering security training in states across Australia, including New South Wales and Queensland.

Sage Academy Training Pty Ltd, Premier Training Institute Pty Ltd, and Safety and First Aid Education Pty Ltd had their credentials cancelled due to delivering poor quality training and assessment in security training courses. ASQA acted on these organisations after concerns were raised by the OFT about their activities.

Safety and First Aid Education Pty Ltd have since appealed the cancellation.

ASQA is the national training regulator, responsible for registering RTOs and monitoring the quality of training delivery and assessment.

In 2016, the ASQA cancelled the registration of Peacemakers Security Pty Ltd, trading as Peacekeeper Security Training Institute.

During the investigation, ASQA found that Peacemakers recently issued qualifications to some students, without those students undertaking the proper training and assessment.

The OFT is reminding those wishing to enter the security industry to commit to doing the training properly with a reputable provider, and not risk losing, or not obtaining, your licence over poor, or in some circumstances, non-existent training.

Registered Training Organisations are listed at

Information of training requirements to enter the security industry in Queensland are available from or by calling 13 QGOV (13 74 68).