2016 Ruddock Fellow

Lewis (pictured left) and Libby (pictured right) at Emirates Group Security in Dubai

Zoe Cowan, ASMF Outreach Manager, recently had the opportunity to travel to Dubai and chat with two Edith Cowan University students about their internships with Emirates Group Security.
Libby, studying a Bachelors of Counter-terrorism, Intelligence and Security, said:

“For me, my time working within the teams of Emirates Group Security in Dubai has highlighted the importance of security on both an industry-wide and global level; which has confirmed that I am in the industry I’m meant to be in.”

Working with Libby in Group Security is the 2016 Ruddock Fellow, Lewis Buttery. Lewis had the following to say about his experience so far:

“Having the opportunity to work with Emirates Group Security in Dubai has not only allowed me exercise the body of knowledge that I have developed from my security studies, but also to experience the dynamic environment of aviation security. Overall, it has increased my confidence in regards to my future en-devours in the security industry.”

Lewis was awarded the 2016 Philip Ruddock International Security Study Fellow, earlier this year at the annual ASMF dinner.

The ASMF scholarship program plays an important role in encouraging young people in the industry and it was fantastic to see Lewis and Libby as part of the Emirates Group Security team.

To see Lewis’ response watch the interview: