Nominations For The 2017 Australian Security Medals Are Now Open!

As you are all no doubt aware, The Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc. (ASMF) has grown to become a credible force in change for the good not just in the security industry, but across the community as a whole.

In order to continue the good work being done, the Foundation requires your support. We need you help to identify the outstanding men and women in our industry who are worthy of recognition.

As many of you will be aware, the awards are divided into two categories defined as the following:






A security manager, security professional or licensed security operative in any State or Territory of Australia can be nominated.


Nomination may be brought to the attention of the Awards Panel through the following:

  • Through a written submission by a member of the public with direct information relating to the event;
  • Through information from law enforcement, emergency services, government department or judiciary;
  • Through a written submission by the officer’s current or previous manager/employer; or
  • Through information provided through a credible industry professional or a registered Security Industry Association.

(Self nominations will not be accepted)



  • A situation of extreme danger to the officer.
  • A strong possibility existed at the time of the event, that the individual may be killed or seriously injured.
  • The actions of the officer displayed valour, bravery or courage beyond normal expectations.
  • The performance of an act of exceptional courage, extraordinary decisiveness and presence of mind while attempting to save or protect a life.
  • The act must be performed with unusual swiftness, presence of mind and selflessness.
  • The person, whilst not acting with reckless regard to public safety, may have performed a task without regard for their personal safety and deemed to be above the call of duty.
  • With consideration to the conditions, context and environment at the time of the incident, it may be considered by a reasonable person that the officer exhibited extreme courage beyond the person’s call of duty.
  • The person went above and beyond society’s expectations to successfully apprehend a dangerous offender or suspected person. Or, at serious risk to their personal safety, managed to contain an incident to prevent an increased risk to members of the public, assets or the environment.
  • The award may be issued posthumously. Consideration should be given by the review panel if the candidate’s death was a direct or indirect result of the qualifying act.

Please, we encourage you to download the nomination form from and make a nomination and help recognize, not only the brave and selfless people within the security industry, bit also the great things the industry achieves as a whole.


(Provision of positive leadership, insights or influence at a strategic management level)


  • Outstanding general professional, functional or industry accomplishment.
  • The formulation, implementation or execution of security strategy, processes or initiatives that help to advance the professionalism of their function, the security industry in general or the community..
  • The manager has generally gone above and beyond the requirements of his or her normal position.
  • Significant achievements in the way in which the organisation’s security function is perceived, performs and the potential to enhance attitudes and behaviours within the security industry.
  • Innovation in leading or managing security and the promotion of positive long term change in commercial security relationships, the use of technology, the way security work is performed, or training and development.
  • Achievements through efforts in lobbying industry Government or industry Regulator for the benefit of the industry.
  • Having a substantial positive influence on their security function or the security industry.

Please be advised that nominations close June 17th.

To make a nomination visit