Bomb Safety and Security: The Manager’s Guide

Bomb safety and security managers guideLike so many aspects of security, bomb safety and security has become a topic of significant concern to every organisation in the last decade. Any business, regardless of how large or small it might be, how innocuous it might appear, could and possibly will be subject to some type of bomb related incident through the course of its operating life. Whether it be through disgruntled employees, or as a result of operating in a target rich environment such as a large retail shopping centre or strip, or as the result of a misunderstanding or poor communication or could even simply be wrong place wrong time. The fact remains, the explosive growth (pardon the pun) of extremist activity combined with the proliferation of information freely available via the world wide web means that anyone with the motivation, means and opportunity can instigate an explosives related threat.

This is why I believe this book is an important read for anyone responsible for the safety of people and/or property, from facility managers through to retail, event, business and security managers.

Unlike other security related texts, this book has been written in a way that makes it accessible to everyone. You do not need years of experience in security or a grasp of convoluted acronyms and complicated security theory to get the most from the book. Full of easy to understand, no nonsense explanations and insights, Bomb Safety and Security: The Manager’s Guide help readers understand how to not only develop and implement appropriate bomb safety and security measures to safeguard life, property, and reputation, but more importantly, to do so while minimising unnecessary disruption, maintaining operations and protecting profitability.

The book provides guidance on how to prepare for and respond to:
– Bombs of various types
– Threats
– Unattended items
– Post-Blast situations

Drawing on 20 years experience as a bomb technician, follow by a successful career in security including such positions as the Bomb Risk Manager for the Sydney 2000 Olympics and Paralympics and the Defence Officer at a National Bomb Data Centre, Don done an enviable job of providing practical common sense approaches to problems that will make sense to both security professionals and non-security professionals alike.

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Don Williams
Don Williams MIExpE, IABTI, CPP, RSecP is convenor of the ASRC Explosives 2014 forum. Don is a member of the Institute of Explosives Engineers, the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, the venue managers Associations, ASIS International and the Australian Security Research Centre’s Activities Committee. He is the Author of “Bomb Incidents – the manager’s guide” and numerous other publications relating to explosive and bomb safety and security.