VIVOTEK Join Forces with Neural Labs and Vialseg for Revolutionary Red-Light Enforcement System in Argentina

With a population of 45 million people, Argentina has grown since its beginnings as a colony and trading center for the Spanish empire in the Americas to become a thriving nation and center of trade and commerce for the region. In fact, beyond its clear regional importance, the country has increasingly become the focal point for several global events.

The Challenge: To develop a traffic light enforcement system without a physical connection to the street and traffic light

Up until Vialseg developed this new system the traffic light enforcement in Argentina relied on devices based on physical inductive loops installed under the pavement and a physical connection to the traffic light controller. This created constant downtimes resulting on lack of violations captured due to road maintenance or lost connection with the traffic light itself as two common examples.

The Solution: VIVOTEK, Selnet Integrated Solutions, Neural Labs and Vialseg Unite to Intelligently Solve This Issue

Vialseg, the leading provider of Traffic Speed Enforcement systems for the private and public sectors in Argentina came up with the innovative idea of combining two cameras and a robust License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution, so they combined forces with VIVOTEK´s local distributor Selnet and LPR software partner Neural Labs. Vialseg then developed the system and software based on technology provided by the world leader in total surveillance solutions – VIVOTEK, and its revolutionary H.265 3-megapixel box type network camera IP9171-HP (AB6117-HP). Working hand in hand with experts in License Plate Recognition (LPR), Neural Labs, Vialseg and its partners developed a system in which the Vialseg Red-Light Enforcement system utilizes high resolution imagery taken from the IP9171-HP (AB6117-HP) cameras and using Vialseg custom made software apply this image to Neural

Labs’ LPR software to analyze the traffic light status (red/yellow/green) and vehicle position in the intersection to detect whenever a vehicle violates a red light. Traffic officials will then receive all imagery automatically to use as evidence in the prosecution of such violations.

The red light enforcement systems are already applied in the cities of Escobar, Moreno, Necochea and Coronel Pringles, all in the Buenos Aires Province, the largest both in size and population in Argentina, and the system is expanding continuously. Plans to continue deploying systems in the city of Buenos Aires and other major metropolis are underway, with estimation for over 100 systems to be installed during 2017.

VIVOTEK’s H.265 3-megapixel Box Type Network Camera – A Workhorse Intent on One Goal: Accuracy.

Acting as the system’s vital eyes, VIVOTEK’s IP9171-HP (AB6117-HP) is a brand-new professional H.265 box network camera offering up to 30 fps at 3-megapixel with superb image quality and provides accurate identification of license plates in any conditions.

To speak of the IP9171-HP (AB6117-HP) as the eyes of this system is no overstatement. Vialseg choice was based on various key features of this camera:

  • Corridor view:This unique function allows capturing panoramic images of the traffic light and intersection in a much efficient
  • True Day & Night:In the case of the “Zoom Camera” it´s pointed at a smaller area of the intersection to identify the vehicle using LPR and features infrared lighting to improve license plate reading under bad lighting conditions and overnight.
  • Remote Back Focus:helps installers adjust the focus more precisely without the need of ladders or another lifting means
  • Combining WDR Pro and Supreme Night Visibility (SNV) technologies, the camera can adjust to and capture high resolution imagery in both high-contrast lighting conditions found in the bright of day, and the lowest light conditions of the dark of night. Together, these features enable the camera to provide video quality strikingly close to the capabilities of the human eye and provide the underlying optical technology necessary to ensure the rigorous enforcement of traffic light signals across the country. It was the ability of the IP9171-HP (AB6117-HP) to seamlessly integrate with Neural Labs LPR software and provide supreme video quality that made such a system