Marseille Police Force selects STid for weapons management and security

STid and the City of Marseille are pleased to announce the inauguration of Be-Weapon, the first police weapons and equipment management solution that uses RFID technology.

The inauguration ceremony and media presentation was held at the Plombières weapons storage facility in Marseille, in the presence of Mrs. Caroline Pozmentier-Sportich, Deputy Mayor of Marseille and Vice President of the PACA Region, who is responsible for Security and Crime Prevention, and Mr. Marc Labouz, who is Head of Security for the City of Marseille.

The initiative was launched in 2015 by Marseille City Council, with the aim of streamlining operations and ensuring the security of people and assets within municipal police weapon storage facilities.

The City Council issued a tender for the development of a computerized tracking system to enable the police force to accurately log movements of weapons and other security equipment in and out of the stores.

Although many companies bid for the contract, the City of Marseille selected STid, a market-leading trailblazer in the design of secure RFID solutions.

Key selection criteria included STid’s expertise in large-scale project management, its “made to measure” identification and tracking solutions and its experience in RFID integration in difficult environments.

“For an organization like the Marseille Municipal Police Force, we were not just looking for a contractor merely able to meet specifications. The solution needed to offer real user benefits to ensure that officers buy into the new system,” explained Caroline Pozmentier-Sportich, Deputy Mayor of Marseille.

The solution has been successfully integrated at the Plombières pilot site and this will mean that it can now be rolled out other weapons facilities across the city, including the Longchamp site.

The City of Marseille is delighted to be the first municipality in France with a police force that has a cutting-edge technological solution for weapons store management.

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