Introducing Cortex: A Smart-City Appliance Revolutionising Urban Life And Public Infrastructure


Since launching in July 2015, Cortex has won multiple industry awards – including three Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) Product of the Year Awards for Communications and CCTV Technology – and a Top 50 listing in Anthill’s 2016 Smart100.

Why so many awards? Maybe because Cortex is an innovative, Australian-made, safe and smart-city appliance that not only upgrades, digitises and integrates amenities to define new world standards of services, but also reduces the cost of provision by 47 percent.

The product’s patented design revolutionises public service and safety delivery by wrapping more than 20 new and in-demand applications that include health, safety, tourism and telecommunication services into one responsive device. It represents smart infrastructure spending that satisfies government’s need to deliver on community safety improvements and to satisfy community demand for smarter transport systems and their thirst for digital telecommunications on-tap.

Services provide citizens with free, optimised Wi-Fi and voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calls, 360-degree multi-megapixel CCTV coverage, public address, duress and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) systems, convenient charge stations, news streaming, weather and more. In short, this technology improves life. Cortex simultaneously allows one to connect with the family or the office and to discover local cultural highlights; it makes waiting for the bus infinitely more entertaining or productive and makes outdoor spaces safer.

Due to the sheer capability of the product, the range and variety of applications for Cortex is almost endless. Its sophisticated technology is protected by a robust 316 stainless steel housing that withstands the toughest outdoor conditions, making it suitable for roadsides, malls and transport terminals, and yet its understated design complements modern indoor shopping malls and airports.

“The concept for Cortex finally came together when I was walking around my hometown of Brisbane,” said Mark Hartmann, CEO of Sylo. “Having years of international experience dealing with the best possible security and related industry tech, I became frustrated by the volume of ageing public amenity installations that clutter our parks, malls and stations; take a look around – I am sure you’ll be shocked to notice the inefficiency and wastage from installing and maintaining de-centralised CCTV cameras, static signs, maps, Emergency Help Points and Wi-Fi routers that are apparently at odds with one another. I built Cortex to offer smarter and more efficient security, safety and digital public services in our outdoor living spaces,” he said.

Built by Sylo Pty Ltd – the Australian innovator that introduced Avigilon products to the Asia-Pacific region in 2008 – Cortex’s strength remains in security. Best-of-breed componentry – from its megapixel CCTV cameras to audio, air monitors and duress systems – are networked to generate a sensory security device more powerful than the sum of its parts. A holistic set of audio and visual analytics constantly monitors and detects unusual behaviour and other known security threats, generating notifications which are then streamed to stakeholders – from emergency services, to police and asset owners – optimising response. Operators can also remotely trigger an emergency override to announce audio and visual public notifications on Cortex 65” digital displays as required to assist crowd control or in the instance of a natural disaster.

Further, Cortex units are networked to maximise coverage, with advanced features including tag and track analytics to improve security response times. In addition, every Cortex captures real-time analytic data – from foot traffic to public transport peak times and air pollution levels – assisting government with smarter infrastructure planning and investment.

As a proud Australian innovation, Cortex sets the new standard for integrated security technology. Mark Hartmann is keenly engaged with governments and large corporations; get in touch to join the conversation via email