The Old Security Paradigm

In todays’ fast paced, globally connected world, openness and technological innovation have become the expected norm in every aspect of both our personal and business life. This, combined with increasing global and local security threats, has created unique challenges in organizations trying to improve security while at the same time trying to minimize the impact and inconvenience which usually occurs as a side effect of improved security.

Biometrics, especially facial recognition solutions, have been the focus of a great deal of research and developed over the last 50 years. A significant driver behind the push to develop effective biometric security solutions arises from the fact that biometrics have the potential to offer users improved security without impacting convenience, especially in the area of facial recognition. However, until recently, such solutions had often been unreliable at best due to high instances of false accept rates and/or false reject rates, making them inappropriate for use in all but the most niche scenarios.

The New Security Paradigm

A solution from FST Biometrics – IMID (In Motion Identification) Access – is providing a unique solution utilizing biometric identification to provide seamless, non-invasive and accurate identification for secure access at the speed of life.

Using a unique fusion of biometric identification technology, including facial recognition and

behaviour analytics, IMID Access identifies authorized users from a distance and while they are in motion. As a result, there is no need for a user to slow down or stop at an access point to take out a key card or present ID. Authorized users are granted access seamlessly, while unauthorized are prevented from entering.

The In Motion Identification™ Challenge

The challenge with In Motion Identification™ is identifying a variety of people of different heights coming from different directions, all in motion. The identification needs to be performed in a specified area which, for identification purposes, is usually of a minimum size of 2x2x2 meters.

In comparison, standard facial recognition systems require the person being identified to be standing immobile at a specific point, fitting their face to the identification area and remaining still until identified. Conversely, FST Biometrics’ In Motion Identification™ only requires that the light on the user’s face be sufficient to provide a clear image in the recognition area. Individuals and groups do not need to stop at any specific recognition spot.

Face locating and tracking algorithms are used to locate the people’s faces and location within the streaming video. The processing time challenge increases when there is a need to analyse video streams from multiple cameras streaming multiple frames per second from all cameras. With IMID, up to eight people can be recognized at the same time while each user is in motion.

A Fusion of Technologies

IMID Access is a comprehensive secure access solution that facilitates identity management and access control. It represents a best-in-breed fusion of cutting-edge technologies, including 2nd generation biometrics, voice and video analytics:

  1. Face Recognition is a non-intrusive and intuitive method of automatically identifying a person based on a digital video image. IMID Access uses facial characteristics and measurements that are unique to an individual to identify them as they approach the access point.
  2. Behavioural Biometrics consists of sophisticated video analytics algorithms and machine cognitive learning to detect the walking characteristics, body size, density and typical behaviour of an individual.
  3. Video Analytics allow the system to count the number of people at the access point, including the ability to detect persons either tailgating and/or loitering.
  4. Speaker Recognition validates a person’s identity based on distinct voice characteristics.
  5. RFID scanning provides the ability to read all available RFID card formats and standards, as either a stand-alone solution for low security access points or in fusion with the biometric identification for very high security access points.


A key performance factor for any biometrics solution is the accuracy of the solution, specifically, in the case of IMID, facial recognition accuracy.

The False Accept Rate (FAR) can never be isolated without considering the corresponding False Rejection Rate (FRR). FST Biometrics created a patented fusion function that incorporates recognition information from vertical biometric algorithms, thereby, creating a system that provides a very low false accept rate and at the same time maintains a low false reject rate.

Figure A: 1:N recognition ratio of FAR versus FRR.

The graph in Figure A indicates the ratio between the percentages of false reject (no-detection) to false accept (false detection) rates. The percentages of false accept are three cases out of 10,000 (3/10,000) when the false reject is at two cases out of 1,000 (2/1,000).

It is important to note, that in instances where facial biometrics are used for the purpose of access control, a false reject rate only means the person is delayed in getting access through the access point, as subsequent trials to get access would eventually identify the person correctly, though, in this specific instance, it would have not been in-motion.

Users supported 50,000
Speed supported Walking speed
Recognition time < 2 seconds
False accept rate 3/10,000
Concurrent identification Up to 8 users simultaneously


Advanced Application Features

A range of different application modules are available to expand the return on investment from the solution.

IMID Attendance – this module can be integrated into exisiting HR management solutions, allowing users to generate reports that track office hours of employees based on first entry and last exit.

IMID Voice – enables the fusion of IMID Access and biometrics voice verification, providing an added layer of security for particularly extreme scenarios.

IMID Remote allows a central station server to manage and control multiple sites, and provides remote backup and maintenance.

IMID Mobile – is a smartphone application that extends the abilities of security personnel, giving them the ability to identify enrolled users on their mobile devices and receive complementary information regarding the enrolled user.

IMID Visitor Management – is a solution to manage visitors with the same seamless user experience as residents. Registered visitors are sent a “V-Key,” a unique encrypted QR code, which they show to the camera as they approach the access point, which allows them a resident-like access experience. Alternatively, unregistered guests can be transferred to a monitoring station for assistance.

Ease of Deployment and Integration

IMID Access with In Motion Identification™ is an open system, with the ability to integrate with many access control, security and surveillance components and systems for smooth interoperability. This allows the system to work with many pre-existing infrastructures in a variety of physical settings. As an example, the solution can integrate with any existing access control solution which supports a Weigand interface, allowing the solution to provide facial recognition capabilities on top of most of the existing access control solutions.

From corporates seeking to create an open campus environment, to residential buildings where there is a desire to improve tenant convenience while providing innovative ways to manage visitors, to commercial spaces bursting with activity that want to allow up to 30 individuals to move seamlessly through turnstiles at a time, IMID is well suited to leveraging existing infrastructure investment to upgrade the security of facilities, bringing them into the 21st century.


FST biometrics is emerging today as a leading player in the biometric identification market by pioneering In Motion Identification (IMID) access, a multi-modal verification solutions for fast, seamless and non-invasive verification. As a result, in November 2016, FST Biometrics was awarded the visionary award by Frost and Sullivan for leading the market in Biometrics based In-Motion Identification. This award recognizes the superior accuracy and reliability of the game-changing IMID solution, which creates a new security paradigm around the idea of improved security while also achieving improved user convenience – Secure Access at the Speed of Life.

IMID is distributed in Australia by Add-On APAC Innovative Solutions, an Asia Pacificbased business which specialises in converged physical, cyber and communication security solutions.


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