Notice something suspicious or unusual? Call the national security hotline.

Following the disruption of one of Australia s most substantial terror plots a little over one month ago, and with Australia Day celebrations occurring across Australia tomorrow, Australian’s are reminded to report suspicious and unusual behaviour to the National Security Hotline.

This vital counter-terrorism tool has recently reached a major milestone with calls to the Hotline reaching 250,000.

Information provided to the Hotline makes a real difference – it has helped with ongoing investigations and has sparked new ones. Just last week, a South Australian man was charged with advocating terrorism following a contact to the Hotline.

The Hotline receives a range of useful information – suspicious financial transactions, social media accounts promoting extremist ideology, suspicious travel planning, and people radicalising towards extremism. Even if you think it is probably nothing, the smallest piece of information can be valuable.

Calls to the Hotline have significantly increased since the threat level was raised in September 2014. Call numbers also tend to spike around specific incidents. This week there has been a marked increase in calls with the tragic attack in Berlin.

Since September 2014, Australia has experienced four terror-related attacks and 12 major disruptions of imminent attack planning. This is a testament to the exemplary work and dedication of our security agencies and the vigilance of the Australian public.

I thank the Australian people for partnering with us to keep our community safe. If you notice anything unusual or suspicious call the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400.

More information is available at the National Security website.