STid Mobile ID®

Developed for use with RFID, NFC and Bluetooth® Smart (Low Energy) technologies, STid Mobile ID® brings the access control capabilities to iPhone and Android phones. Users simply download the STid Mobile ID® app and enroll directly into the access control system.  The free app does not require a license and includes a free access virtual card, offering an affordable, easy to install access control solution. After the user downloads the app, they can open a door or entry point by holding their mobile device near the reader.

A unique user experience

STid Mobile ID® represents a unique way to access buildings. STid once again positions itself as a leader in access control by developing new identification methods for intuitive, smooth and easy management of the access points.

Users can access their office or other areas by simply tapping their phone in their pocket or by using a hands-free function to open a door without even taking their smartphone out of their bag. It even works while making a phone call.

Touch the remote button of the STid Mobile ID® application to access the car park while driving. Then, access the office with the same application by placing a hand close to the access control reader, even if the device is in standby mode in a pocket.

These identification modes are possible thanks to STid’s exclusive and patented technologies that can differentiate between access points depending on their distance. This means that readers can be installed in the same area.

The multi-technology RFID DESFire® EV2 and Bluetooth® Smart mobile access solution makes it easy to manage extensions, upgrades and technology migrations. Businesses, governments and industries can use both smartphones and traditional RFID cards to access buildings

Keep control of your security and sensitive data

Confidence in the solution is a key factor for its success. STid is the only manufacturer to offer Offline and Online management of virtual credentials. We adapt the solution to the client profile, offering the choice between hosting the solution on their own premises or remotely with a trusted third party.

The offline mode lets users manage their virtual badges just like classic access badges: local programming, full control over security settings, etc.

STid also offers virtual badge online management modes: https Internet server, data hosted on STid or client servers, real-time management of access rights, and possibility of creating time-limited badges.

To see the app in action simply scan/click the QR code below.


More information visit, email or 02 9274 8853