The Operational Safety Handbook: Principles, Concepts & Guidelines for the Tactical Environment


Foreword by John Bigelow, Editor Security Solutions Magazine:

This book brings together a collection of operational wisdom decades in the making. The author goes to great lengths to assess, evaluate and incorporate only the most scientifically researched and operationally proven techniques, discarding anything that fails to withstand the rigors of real world operations. Not the imagined reality of what we would like to do, or the personal reality of what we think we could do, but rather the brutal, primal reality of conflict which happens in the blink of an eye. It is from this point of view that the material in this book has been written.

If you work in public safety operations, chances are that you will encounter conflict at some stage. You therefore owe it to yourself, your colleagues, and those you care about, to be as prepared as possible. To that end, this book should be an essential component of your tactical toolbox.

The information has been contextualised from training and experience predominantly in the private security sector, and is aimed at operational, training and administrative personnel from all areas of public safety. It presents concepts and principles that can be adapted for application on the job, and covers a wide variety of topics organized into 5 chapters. Contents include:

Operations Concepts: Survival Mindset, Tactical Options, Duty Equipment, Command Presence, Workplace Conflict, Aggression, Tactical Communication, Physiology & Psychology Violence, Exertion & Safety, Conflict & Cameras, Trauma Management, Incident Reports, Confrontation Fallout, Courtroom Survival

Defensive Tactics Concepts: Defensive Tactics for Operations, Survival Concepts, Tactical Control Principles, Anatomical Vulnerability, Distraction Strategies, Open vs Closed Hand, Pressure Points, Approach to Control, Chemical Aerosol, Compliance Techniques, Positional Asphyxia & Excited Delirium, Ground Dynamics, Multiple Attacks, Edged Weapons

Firearms Concepts: Firearms & Public Safety, Shooting Fundamentals, Precision vs Combat Shooting, Firearm Ballistics, Stopping Power, Firearm Training & Competency, Alternate Options, Shotgun, Tactical Strategies, Fatal Errors in Operational Safety, Low Light Operations, Weapon Retention, Primal Fear, Stress Reactions

Training Concepts: Establishing a Training Facility, Safety in Training, Training Methodology, Intuitive Operational Safety, Use of Force Training, Total Training, Training Scars, Instructor Responsibility, Reality-Based Training, Protective Suit Training, Projectile-Based Training, Reality-Based Training Process, Scenario Design, The Role Player

Administrative Concepts: The Security Profession, Politics of Confrontation, Public Safety Conundrum, Intelligent Public Safety, Critical Incident Response, Emergency Risks, Resistance & Response, Operational Safety Fitness, Fatigue, Post-Trauma Stress, Technology & Operational Safety, Future Training, Buyer Beware, Choosing a Training Provider


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