ASM Medals and coverWould you attempt to stop a man who had just set fire to both a petrol station and a liquor store while also attempting to burn the store attendant?

Would you run towards a burning car in an effort to stop the LPG gas tank from exploding to save a complete stranger?

Would you use your own body to shield someone you have never met from an enraged group of men, receiving serious injuries in the process?

These are not just hypothetical examples of incidents. They are in fact real life, true stories involving the brave men and women of the Australian security industry who put their own lives in danger to save others with little or no recognition.

Everyday, someone in the security industry makes a difference to someone’s life. These special people who step into harms way to protect life, property and people from all manner of horrific attacks and assaults all too often go un-noticed. They spend hours, weeks and even years of their life working for the safety of others. They don’t do it for the money; they don’t do it for the fame or recognition – they do it because it is the right thing to do; because if they don’t, no one else will.

The Australian Security Medals are designed to publicly recognise outstanding security operatives, security professionals and their achievements and contributions to our community.

The 2016 Australian Security Medals recipients will be awarded at this year’s Australian Security Medal Foundation gala dinner to be held at the War Memorial in Canberra on Friday, August 26th, 2016.

To book your seat or table and be a part of this amazing industry Gala dinner, please visit call +61 (0)3 9013 4411 or email