Redefining Wireless Security

P2_CEODespite advances in IP camera and security management system technologies, , founder and CEO of P2 Wireless Technologies, realised that the backend of most surveillance network designs is still heavily reliant on cable.

P2 focuses on the creation of innovative, reliable and large-scale wireless mesh networking technologies for industrial and commercial use. Based in the prestigious Hong Kong Science Park, P2 has blossomed under Dr. Lam’s leadership and his Silicon Valley management experience.

Rather than simply building on existing wireless technology models and systems, every P2 technology is uniquely designed from scratch, resulting in revolutionary products.

P2’s patented MeshInfinity technology provides the ultimate security solution. The MeshInfinity powered wireless mesh networks enable transmission of security information and HD, or even 4K, video streams across various terrains where cabling was previously not feasible. With the maximum capacity of 80 HD or 20 4K simultaneous video feeds per mesh backhaul or path, P2’s MeshRanger product line is set to change the security eco-system.

MeshRanger comes in 2 lines of products. The MeshRanger X20 line is a 2-Radio mesh router providing up to 867Mbps raw throughput across the entire wireless mesh network up to 20 wireless hops. The MeshRanger X30 line is a revolutionary 3-Radio sibling providing the world’s highest 1.7Gbps raw throughput over the entire wireless mesh network up to 30 wireless hops and featuring P2’s unique self-healing technology that ensures no interruption in mesh connection even under the most adverse situations. A typical security surveillance network solution may comprise of a combination of the two product lines depending on terrain and density.

Flexibility, adaptability and capacity are not MeshRanger’s only attributes. One of its most attractive features is its extreme cost-effectiveness. Better yet, the MeshRanger product lines are designed to be compatible with most, if not all, existing security systems and IP surveillance cameras – meaning it is instantly deployable, with minimum disruption to existing service.

In the wake of heightened demand for increased security as a result of recent global events, P2’s timing could not have been better. P2’s MeshRanger is poised to make a significant impact on communities around the globe.

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