Introducing The Hikvision Blazer Pro All-in-One Server


Hik Vision Blazer Pro Web Pic

Hikvision Blazer Pro All-in-One server is a video management software station that comes preloaded with a licensed VMS in a Windows environment, boasting advanced features in storage capacity, system scalability and centralized management.

Easy deployment & maintenance

Blazer Pro has a pre-installed activated operating system (Win 8.1) and a preloaded VMS, which makes the unit even more comprehensive. The VMS and OS are installed in SSD Card, with 64GB capacity for operation and management. Pluggable as it is, the SSD Card allows much easier after-sales maintenance. Moreover, Hikvision Blazer Pro supports power-off data protection to ensure operation safety.

Data reliability

Designed with reliability in mind, the Hikvision Blazer Pro provides dual redundant power supply to ensure seamless video recording even when one power supply crashes. It also provides performance enhancement and fault tolerance by employing RAID 0,1,5,10 disk management.

System scalability

The default license of Hikvision Blazer Pro offers 128 or 256 channels connection. This could be extended to 256 or 512 channels when large-scale project requires. The same goes for storage. It contains 7 HDD slots. Users can further add miniSAS, 16-disk and 24-disk storage cabinets for necessary storage extension.

As preloaded with VMS, the Blazer Pro shares all the features with Hikvision video management software, including real-time video preview, video playback, alarm management and smart features. It also supports vertical modules including Transact module and a Business Intelligence module for retail, License Plate Recognition module for transportation and parking sectors, as well as Access Control module for building facility management.

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