The Key To Physical Access Control


Key watcher TouchEvery facility is safer with the addition of a key control and management system from Morse Watchmans. Physical keys continue to be mission-critical for every type of organization, and Morse Watchmans is dedicated to delivering the best solutions for managing, controlling, tracking and auditing all your keys. KeyWatcher Touch Systems are the access control solution for physical keys. Every key is accounted for at all times, with full tracking, reporting and alerts for your defined incidents. SmartKey™Locker Systems deliver the same level of accountability for small assets including weapons, cash trays and more.

Key Anywhere saves time by allowing you to return a key to any KeyWatcher in your operation, while Key Find lets you locate which KeyWatcher a specific key is in, or determine who has it out. Keys available to a user can easily and quickly be called up on the screen. Key reservations and notes can now easily be entered on the screen. The unified KeyWatcher Site design allows a network of KeyWatcher Touch systems to share a single database, which can accommodate more than 14,000 keys and over 10,000 users. All control and management of the system, including programming, remote functions and reporting is managed via KeyWatcher TrueTouch software.

KeyWatcher Touch Features and Options:

  • Easily identify the correct keys
  • Return keys to any location
  • User interface controls various access devices
  • Alarm and access control integration capability
  • Built-in

Modular, Scalable Design Lets You Customize Your KeyWatcher System

From a single key management system to multiple cabinets holding hundreds of  keys, it’s easy to expand KeyWatcher as your needs grow. Each additional unit can be controlled by a single console and monitored by the advanced software.

KeyWatcher can hold keys of almost any size, including Folger Adam keys. Plus, the systems are capable of incorporating additional lockers for valuable items. Available modules include 16-key, 8-key, 6-key, card, and a variety of locker sizes. These key modules can be customized in a wide range of cabinet sizes.

The flexibility that is available in the modular design enables sites to utilise all the accountability for not only keys but, laptops, mobile phones, IPad’s and so on.

Smart Keys

The smarts behind the system is the Smart Key itself, designed to enable flexibility with return methods which include random return, this method enables smart keys to be returned to any open slot in the cabinet. The non-random return enforces the requirement for a Smart Key to be returned to the same location each time.

Keys are secured to the Smartkeys which features an identification microchip and 1/8″ stainless steel locking ring for additional security and functionality. Smart Keys are available in a range of colours which enables administrators to easily differentiate areas of their business by the colour of the Smart Key.

True Touch Software

KeyWatcher TrueTouch software comprises the KeyWatcher TrueTouch client interface and the KeyWatcher Server for enhanced administration and control of the KeyWatcher Touch system.

Key Inventory Software Features:

  • New access control-style
  • Auto-sync for automatic updates of KeyWatcher systems as changes are
  • New “Profiles” feature for quicker, easier programming of use
  • Profiles to quickly assign users key and group permissions, access level, and many other settings.
  • New, easier to read
  • All reports can be saved in PDF and CSV file

KeyWatcher  TrueTouch  client   interface is designed to run all programming, remote functions and reports. Add users from a global list and all specific settings (added or modified) will be automatically synchronized across the system. Quick profiles can be assigned for improved user control. Administrative access levels are designed to allow reports only or alarms only in addition to the five system administration levels.

Integration and High Level Interface’s

The requirement for a number of industries    is to provide a solution that has integration options and also provide operational efficiencies and Morse Watchmans continues to deliver; with integration to some of the world’s leading Access Control providers such as Honeywell ProWatch, Honeywell EBI, Lenel, Gallagher, Inner Range Integrity, and SMAG Symmetry the Morse Watchmans Touch enables administrators to reduce the demands of running both Access Control and KeyWatcher data bases by enabling this interfacing.

The Morse Watchmans range of solutions including the KeyWatcher Touch are available exclusively through Australian Security Technology.

For more information please contact David Ishak, General Manager on 1300 539 928 or email him